Mothers Day//Morocco Style

Mothers Day was lovely. I love Mothers Day, I love to spoil my mum and spend time with her, and to see her smile. Her smile is the best smile in the world. Matt took her out in the morning so I could set up her presents and balloons as a surprise, there were so many balloons, I'm surprised they didn't come back to me passed out on the floor! She loved all her presents, and I tried to make her wear her princess tiara all day but it came off somewhere along the way. We has Matt's mum and dad round for lunch later and mum made an amazing morroco style food thing (I cant remember what it was called!)  But was seriously good! Usually I play with my food a bit with food I haven't tried but I wolfed it down! It was such a lovely day that we even got to sit outside!! It's like April and its hot and sunny, whats that about? Afterwards we sat around and chatted and planned my birthday party, which is going to be pretty cool if it all goes according to plan.

Yesterday I had a pj day, stayed in and worked on my Project Life book. I did 13 pages! Not all of them are finished, but most only need me to write little bits, all the pictures are in place. I'm going to order some more plastic wallets this week because I need some different layouts, and I'm going to get some of my Instagram pictures printed too. I also did some painting in my field journal which was so much fun! I miss painting and drawing so much, so I'm really glad I decided to start something like that again. I'll be doing regular updates on the blog about both these projects so watch this space. Today is walking Hollies dog in the woods and watching Captain America! Hope you have a lovely Friday!

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  1. Holly, oh dearest of Hollies...HOW I MISS THEE!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo <3


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