Jukebox//Vol 2: Still Into You

Jukebox is my new feature where I share some of my favourite songs, whether its because I just like the lyrics, the beat, the video or it has some deep personal meaning to my life. I believe music can affect our lives in such a big way, and especially for me, music has helped me though some really tough times and also some of my happiest. I want this feature to be real and uncensored. Maybe that means I'll share funny/embarrassing stories about certain songs or open my self up and share some tuff stuff. This blog has always been real, and I appreciate everyone who respects that.

Paramore is one of my all time favourite bands. They were my favourite back in my emo teenage phase and they're one of the few that I have carried through to adult-ish life. I wasn't too keen on the new album and I didn't even get through it the first time round, it wasn't the same as the old stuff and I didn't like it! I don't like change when it comes to music, especially with bands you love, I always get really nervous when I listen the first time. A half year later I gave it another go and I loved it! Especially this song, 'Still In To You'. I'd heard it on the radio and on Kerrang, but had sort of over looked it as it was the 'new rubbish stuff'. But I was oh so wrong. It's just a really nice love song. And not a seriously sloppy-make-you-sick love song, just a really down to earth hey-dude-I-love-you kinda love song, which is my favourite kind. Obviously this song reminds me of me and Tim. As soon as I heard it properly I was like. 'YUS! That is us!' I still get butterflies when I see Tim, every time is like the first time all over again (I know...yuck!) but it's nice that after two years I can still say that, and I hope I can say that forever.

The video too, is awesome! I love music videos that are just the band having loads of fun and you can tell that they had a blast making it. I love that it goes so well with the lyrics too, I feel really happy and smiley when I watch it haha! My favourite bit is the bit in the dark with the sparklers and fireworks, it make me want to have a night party and play with sparklers, and also dye my hair back to a cool colour (I have serious hair envy of Hayley Williams, she's my girl crush) So yeah, this one was fun and lovely and makes me feel all warm inside.

What's some of your favourite songs? If you do a Jukebox, post a link in the comments below and I'll check it out, I love to get music recommendations of people! 

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  1. It's like that for me everytime too ;) :D :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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