Walk In The Woods//Spring Is Nearly Here

The other day we took a quick trip to the woods, we didn't stay too long because it was a little more cold and windy than we expected. I haven't been since I got back to England so it was cool to see that they had made a little walk way round a section of the woods that I hadn't been to before. The woods are mostly made up of Pine trees but there are groves of Silver Birch (my favourite) everywhere and the walk way goes through one of them and around a lake, it's really pretty. I cant wait to bike there in the summer and take lots of photographs and do some sketches. We went to see the Pine trees too, and while Dad and Sarah pushed Max down the path, I disappeared into the trees to do some exploring. I think they'd just done some maintenance because there were quite a few chopped trees around, I understand why they need to chop the trees but it still makes me sad. I did find some really cool pieces of bark (well dad found them) which I bought home and some perfectly even pine cones. I'm not sure what to do with the bark yet but the pine cones will go straight into my collection. It's a little to cold and early in the season for mushrooms I think, but I did find some growing high up the trees, which was awesome! I've never seen that before, but there were too far away to get a good picture and I didn't have my big camera on me, typical. I did find some small mushrooms growing on a fallen log, but they looked pretty dead, and it was too cold to examine them further haha.

Today I have an interview (woop woop) so hopefully all goes well and I don't turn into babbling idiot like I usually do. I hate interviews, too much stress and pressure, I just cant deal with it. On friday, I will hopefully be going to Manchester for a day with T and then this weekend is Mothers Day which I'm super excited about! I really love Mothers Day, It's one of my favourite Occasion Days', and I'm sure my mum doesn't complain either! I feel like I have to be extra amazing this year because I was away for her birthday and Christmas, so I need to make it up to her. So a busy few days a head. What are your plans for the weekend? UK readers, how are you spoiling your mums this weekend?

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