Mad Hatters Tea Pot//Craft Fair

At the weekend I did a craft fair in Ainsdale, in a little coffee shop called Mad Hatters Tea Pot. It was such a lovely day and I actually did really well! I spent the night before crazy making things last minute, my nanas' front room was a bomb site, but I managed to get everything ready in time. I always get a bit nervous at craft fairs because I never know what to make. Where I live, people dont really get the whole 'hand-made' culture so its very hit and miss as to whether you will sell anything. Luckily I managed to shift a few things and I even got asked to make things for a local shop, which is pretty awesome! I loved making the mugs, which were my best seller, so I think I will definitely be making more of them and hopefully getting them in the shop. I also loved the drift wood hangers, I literally wanted to keep them all, and I may have kept one of them. Sneaky!

I just need to draw your attention to the absolutely adorable ceramic mushrooms that were at one of the stalls! They are probably the best thing I've ever seen, and I had to have one...or two...or three...and also the hanging that you can sort of see at the front. The people on the other stalls were so nice, and I got a lot of tips and tricks on selling at craft fairs and made a few connections. I cant wait to do the next one and branch out to others in the city's.

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