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Loving: Getting all my America pictures printed so I can start scrap booking! I've managed to get 140 free prints from snapfish so I'm slowly going through all my pictures and getting them printed. I was super super excited when I found Project Life on a trip to Hobby Craft last week, so I bought myself a few packs of sleeves and a core kit. I haven't been this excited for a project in ages so I cant wait to start!

Hating: The weather. Would someone tell nature that spring should be here already, I'm sick to death of rain, which makes me sad because I like the rain, but I just want some sun! I've had enough cold for one year so some heat would be nice.

Thinking About: Potential new business ideas. After the craft fair at the weekend I have been thinking a lot about where I want to take my crafting. It gave me a lot of insight as to my strengths and weaknesses. I'm excited to see where I'm heading and I think its going to take a rather large leap of faith, but I think that just comes with starting your own business, I just need to figure out whether I have it in me to take it.

Anticipating: The summer! I cant wait to go exploring in the woods and get up all in natures business. Maybe my pasty face will even get a tan, who knows.

Listening to: Paper Lights, if you  haven't listened to them, get on it. They are so calming and chilled out, without being 'chill out' music. Think a girl version of Bon Iver, beautiful and ethereal.

Eating: Cheese on toast! I don't know why but I'm really craving cheese on toast. All. The. Time. Especially on thick doorstop brown seeded toast with some Lea and Perrins. MMMM!

Reading: I'm still plodding through Game Of Thrones. I absolutely love it, but I cant wait to get past the TV show so I can read it without knowing whats going to happen. I'm on the vol. 1 of the 3 book so nearly there. Today I bought two knew books which I've been after for a while so maybe when I get to book 4 I'll have a break from GoT and read something new.

Wishing: That I was back in America. So bad. Looking through all my photos for my scrapbook is torture! I just wish I was back with all my friends having fun and hanging out, I seriously miss everyone so much. I also miss just being with T every day. We hardly get time to see each other these days because we don't live together and it difficult, so I miss that too. America is just so much better.

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