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I've never been too concerned with how many followers I've got or how many page views that each post gets, I blog for me and to keep family and friends up to date, or at least thats how it started, and every time I get a comment or I see how many people read this blog, I'm so astounded how many of you want to read it?! Over the years I have made and met some of the most amazing friends and people from this blog, so saying that I don't care about followers is a little bit redundant now, because I care a whole bunch! I can't even imagine my life with out some of the people I've become friends with through blogging. I can't wait to meet more of you and become real life friends (I'm up for pen palling if anyones interested?!) which made me think about what targets I set when I started this blog.

I remember reading loads of 'how to start a blog' things and 'how to get more followers' and I decided pretty quick that there really wasn't any sure fired way to go about it. You write what you know, be yourself, and don't get discouraged. I knew that I was one, in a million bloggers out there, and most have been going for years, so I was determined not not get caught up in numbers. But one thing that I did say was that I would start doing give-aways when I reached 100. I like give-aways, I like being able to give something back to my readers and also give a little help to fellow bloggers/shop owners. And I'm really excited that I'm almost at the 100 mark. I have no idea how Im going to go about doing give-aways, if and when the time comes, so if anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it! I've already got a few ideas on what I would like to offer up and people I would like to contact so I suppose its just getting the ball rolling. I'm also starting to think about add space too, so I think there will be many changes in the next little while, so watch this space!

Today I had a craft fair and it was amazing. I love doing craft fairs, and there seems to be more and more about lately. I'll be doing a post later on this week about it, and maybe even getting my shop up and running! EEEEK! I've also got a few interviews for jobs so wish me luck! I've got one that I would love to get so extra special good luck vibes for that one please. I hope you've all had a great weekend, It's still pretty sunny here so I think I might go take some pictures in the garden with my new camera (I LOVE HIM!) Toodles.

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