Mothers Day//My Best Friend

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there!!

But an especially big Happy Happy Mothers Day to my mum Rach! She's just pretty darn cool in my opinion, and my Best Friend. Love you mum! 


Walk In The Woods//Spring Is Nearly Here

The other day we took a quick trip to the woods, we didn't stay too long because it was a little more cold and windy than we expected. I haven't been since I got back to England so it was cool to see that they had made a little walk way round a section of the woods that I hadn't been to before. The woods are mostly made up of Pine trees but there are groves of Silver Birch (my favourite) everywhere and the walk way goes through one of them and around a lake, it's really pretty. I cant wait to bike there in the summer and take lots of photographs and do some sketches. We went to see the Pine trees too, and while Dad and Sarah pushed Max down the path, I disappeared into the trees to do some exploring. I think they'd just done some maintenance because there were quite a few chopped trees around, I understand why they need to chop the trees but it still makes me sad. I did find some really cool pieces of bark (well dad found them) which I bought home and some perfectly even pine cones. I'm not sure what to do with the bark yet but the pine cones will go straight into my collection. It's a little to cold and early in the season for mushrooms I think, but I did find some growing high up the trees, which was awesome! I've never seen that before, but there were too far away to get a good picture and I didn't have my big camera on me, typical. I did find some small mushrooms growing on a fallen log, but they looked pretty dead, and it was too cold to examine them further haha.

Today I have an interview (woop woop) so hopefully all goes well and I don't turn into babbling idiot like I usually do. I hate interviews, too much stress and pressure, I just cant deal with it. On friday, I will hopefully be going to Manchester for a day with T and then this weekend is Mothers Day which I'm super excited about! I really love Mothers Day, It's one of my favourite Occasion Days', and I'm sure my mum doesn't complain either! I feel like I have to be extra amazing this year because I was away for her birthday and Christmas, so I need to make it up to her. So a busy few days a head. What are your plans for the weekend? UK readers, how are you spoiling your mums this weekend?


Currently//Life Lately

Loving: Getting all my America pictures printed so I can start scrap booking! I've managed to get 140 free prints from snapfish so I'm slowly going through all my pictures and getting them printed. I was super super excited when I found Project Life on a trip to Hobby Craft last week, so I bought myself a few packs of sleeves and a core kit. I haven't been this excited for a project in ages so I cant wait to start!

Hating: The weather. Would someone tell nature that spring should be here already, I'm sick to death of rain, which makes me sad because I like the rain, but I just want some sun! I've had enough cold for one year so some heat would be nice.

Thinking About: Potential new business ideas. After the craft fair at the weekend I have been thinking a lot about where I want to take my crafting. It gave me a lot of insight as to my strengths and weaknesses. I'm excited to see where I'm heading and I think its going to take a rather large leap of faith, but I think that just comes with starting your own business, I just need to figure out whether I have it in me to take it.

Anticipating: The summer! I cant wait to go exploring in the woods and get up all in natures business. Maybe my pasty face will even get a tan, who knows.

Listening to: Paper Lights, if you  haven't listened to them, get on it. They are so calming and chilled out, without being 'chill out' music. Think a girl version of Bon Iver, beautiful and ethereal.

Eating: Cheese on toast! I don't know why but I'm really craving cheese on toast. All. The. Time. Especially on thick doorstop brown seeded toast with some Lea and Perrins. MMMM!

Reading: I'm still plodding through Game Of Thrones. I absolutely love it, but I cant wait to get past the TV show so I can read it without knowing whats going to happen. I'm on the vol. 1 of the 3 book so nearly there. Today I bought two knew books which I've been after for a while so maybe when I get to book 4 I'll have a break from GoT and read something new.

Wishing: That I was back in America. So bad. Looking through all my photos for my scrapbook is torture! I just wish I was back with all my friends having fun and hanging out, I seriously miss everyone so much. I also miss just being with T every day. We hardly get time to see each other these days because we don't live together and it difficult, so I miss that too. America is just so much better.


Mad Hatters Tea Pot//Craft Fair

At the weekend I did a craft fair in Ainsdale, in a little coffee shop called Mad Hatters Tea Pot. It was such a lovely day and I actually did really well! I spent the night before crazy making things last minute, my nanas' front room was a bomb site, but I managed to get everything ready in time. I always get a bit nervous at craft fairs because I never know what to make. Where I live, people dont really get the whole 'hand-made' culture so its very hit and miss as to whether you will sell anything. Luckily I managed to shift a few things and I even got asked to make things for a local shop, which is pretty awesome! I loved making the mugs, which were my best seller, so I think I will definitely be making more of them and hopefully getting them in the shop. I also loved the drift wood hangers, I literally wanted to keep them all, and I may have kept one of them. Sneaky!

I just need to draw your attention to the absolutely adorable ceramic mushrooms that were at one of the stalls! They are probably the best thing I've ever seen, and I had to have one...or two...or three...and also the hanging that you can sort of see at the front. The people on the other stalls were so nice, and I got a lot of tips and tricks on selling at craft fairs and made a few connections. I cant wait to do the next one and branch out to others in the city's.


100//Almost There

I've never been too concerned with how many followers I've got or how many page views that each post gets, I blog for me and to keep family and friends up to date, or at least thats how it started, and every time I get a comment or I see how many people read this blog, I'm so astounded how many of you want to read it?! Over the years I have made and met some of the most amazing friends and people from this blog, so saying that I don't care about followers is a little bit redundant now, because I care a whole bunch! I can't even imagine my life with out some of the people I've become friends with through blogging. I can't wait to meet more of you and become real life friends (I'm up for pen palling if anyones interested?!) which made me think about what targets I set when I started this blog.

I remember reading loads of 'how to start a blog' things and 'how to get more followers' and I decided pretty quick that there really wasn't any sure fired way to go about it. You write what you know, be yourself, and don't get discouraged. I knew that I was one, in a million bloggers out there, and most have been going for years, so I was determined not not get caught up in numbers. But one thing that I did say was that I would start doing give-aways when I reached 100. I like give-aways, I like being able to give something back to my readers and also give a little help to fellow bloggers/shop owners. And I'm really excited that I'm almost at the 100 mark. I have no idea how Im going to go about doing give-aways, if and when the time comes, so if anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciate it! I've already got a few ideas on what I would like to offer up and people I would like to contact so I suppose its just getting the ball rolling. I'm also starting to think about add space too, so I think there will be many changes in the next little while, so watch this space!

Today I had a craft fair and it was amazing. I love doing craft fairs, and there seems to be more and more about lately. I'll be doing a post later on this week about it, and maybe even getting my shop up and running! EEEEK! I've also got a few interviews for jobs so wish me luck! I've got one that I would love to get so extra special good luck vibes for that one please. I hope you've all had a great weekend, It's still pretty sunny here so I think I might go take some pictures in the garden with my new camera (I LOVE HIM!) Toodles.


Family Time//Studio Practice

Yesterday was a really good day. The best I've felt in a while. This having no job thing absolutely sucks and I hate feeling like I'm not doing anything, if I had my camera I think I'd feel differently because I could be out practicing my photography and actually doing something towards what I would like to do career wise. Which is what I was doing yesterday! I've been looking at photography jobs on the internet for things like product photography for shops and such but they all needed studio experience, which I didn't have. So I thought I'd be a bit pro-active and ask around some local studios for work experience and a chance to shadow people. One guy got back to me and said I could shadow him and also when he wasn't in the studio I could use it to practice, so yesterday I got to spend some time in Image Rooms, which was awesome! I already knew they were a pretty good studio because Dad and Sarah used them for their wedding. Mal was so lovely, he talked me through all the light settings and how to get good shots and what worked for him and what didn't, and we also took the opportunity to get some good pictures of Max! I'm not gonna say I enjoy studio photography, its a little too formal for me, I'd much rather shoot outdoors in the wild, but it was great experience and I really hope I can go back to get some more practice.

I hate not having photoshop. At the moment I'm using Afterlight on my phone and I love it, but when I transfer the files to my camera to edit then transfer them back they go a little blurred and its really annoying!! If anyone knows how to stop this from happening please please please help me because I don't think typing that into Google will work somehow! I don't think I did too bad really, considering this was my first time ever in a studio. I love how the pictures turned out and Max was a champ whilst we fussed over him all day. Mal even took some family ones of us which was nice. And I'm pleased to announce that my new camera is ordered and should be here soon, so this blog will once again be filled with pictures and proper posts again. I literally cant tell you how much I have missed having a camera, I feel like weeping everyday. But no more!! Cant wait!


Wish Lists//March

Having no job sucks. This might make me sound so materialistic and shallow, but I miss buying things. Not that I'm a shopaholic and buy everything I see, but it's nice to walk into a shop or browse the internet and know that I could if I wanted too. But I like window shopping too so even though I'm teasing myself, its also fun, and I'm making mental note of things I shall splurge on once I get a job again! 

This beautiful dress, in fact just the whole outfit
These amazing enamel mugs,(especially the mycology one) would make any camping trip extra cool!
Little bit in love with these boots
really need this two piece in my life
I am in love with this dress
This shop is so cute, I wish it was for adults! Cant wait to go crazy when I have a mini me though!
Kinda crushing hard on this ring


Family Time//Cedar Farm

Today was one of the first properly nice days we've had this year, it was glorious. We went to this little place just outside my town called Cedar Farm. My Jenny used to take me there almost every week to see the animals and get an ice lolly. Its one of my all time favourite places to go, I just love it! Its changed so much over the year, and this time the whole animal section has changed. There's no more pigs, which makes me sad because they used to be my favourite. There was always this huge massive pig and then about 8 little piglets playing in the mud. Although there were baby goats this time so I forgave them. Max has never seen a goat before and he didn't really know what to make of them. We really hope he like animals, but for now he looks at us with eyes that say 'come on guys, I'm 5 months old, what am I supposed to do with a goat?' I'm not a huge fan of goats, they are so cute when they're small and playing with other baby goats, but the big ones not so much. It may have something to do with getting butted up the bum by one when I was a kid.

There was also a Vintage Craft Fair which was awesome! I love craft and vintage fairs and it was only £1 to get in, bargain! I'm gutted though because I didn't know it was going to be on so I didn't have any money on  me so I couldn't buy anything, and also everything I wanted was house furniture so I couldn't get it anyway. I'll be so so happy when I wont have to say that again! I did find this amazing dress and a beach wear set that I fell in love with and am really upset that I couldn't get it. I'm hoping that they'll be there at the next one and I can call it fate and that will be my excuse to buy them! I've actually inquired in to hiring a table at a future fair so me and my best friend can sell things, I would sell crafts and she would sell vintage, so we're really excited about that. I'll let you all know so if your in that area at all you can come down and say hi! I'm actually doing a craft fair at the Mad Hatters Tea Pot on the 23rd March if anyone's around and about, would be great to meet you.

This week is crazy busy with crafting, job seeking and catching up with friends, but mainly crafting. I've hardly been able to craft anything for aforementioned craft fair, so this week I'm really knuckling down and getting stuff done. I think I've got in my head all that I want to make so I should be able to just crack on and do it. I always leave things till last minute, which both motivates and annoys me. Also I'm ordering my new camera tonight which is really exciting! I've decided on the Nikon D7100, I cant wait to have a camera again, I feel like my arm is missing when I don't have it on me, especially now its getting to summer and Max is getting so big!


From Where I Stand//February

So February wasn't that great for remembering to do this challenge. I had a lot on my mind last month so Iv forgiven myself for being a bit forgetful. I've now set multiple alarms on my phone through out the day so I remember to take a picture. I'm still really enjoying this little project so hopefully this month will be a little more successful!

From top to bottom - Left to right:

Coming home//Late Christmas presents//Admiring my new doors in my room//Getting some Max time in//A much needed cup of tea//Its raining...of course//Movie night with mum and Matt//Baking cinnamon rolls for lunch//Coffee time in Starbucks//A day out in Liverpool with Mother//Tidying my room//Getting dressed up for the BGF Dinner//Finally sorting through America stuff//Crafting at nanas//Sleepover at Mums//Circuit training//Hiding away in my room//Model show with Pops//Making lists//Playing with Max//Pilates with Mum//Walking in the Sun

I cant believe I've been back from America for a month already!? Its crazy! I feel like I've done loads and nothing at all, still not luck on the job hunt but I'm seriously thinking about my future and what I want to do. Its been really getting me down that I could be stuck in a crappy customer service job that I hate. I'm not saying that those jobs are crap, I just want more than that. I've been exploring my options and researching into all the paths I'm drawn to and I'm really excited about where I could end up. I don't want to go into too much detail in case It doesn't happen but I will know soon enough either way. Its a bit scary this growing up business. I don't feel old enough to have a 'career' job and have to be responsible, but I'm looking forward to it all the same. I'm tired of sitting around and plodding through life, I need to be doing something!

All though today I'm quite content to still be in bed at 1:30. I'm not feeling too good, and I don't mean to be gross but I am astonished at how much gook is coming out my nose?! I'm not even mad, I'm impressed! So yeah, stuck in bed with a sore throat and gooky nose, hopefully tomorrow ill be feeling a little better because I've got a lot to do!!


From Where I Stand//January

If any of you follow me on Instagram you will of seen that I started a hashtag at the start of the year, #fromwhereistand. I really wanted to take a picture everyday of the year, but it not be anything too demanding, and seen as I have my phone on me all the time and my feet are attached to me I thought feet pictures were a pretty safe bet. I haven't managed to get a picture every day but its pretty close! It was fun to start the year of in America and document all that happened there, and it will help me to remember everything when I start to forget. If you do something like this on Instagram I'd love to take a look at where you've been!!

From top to bottom, left to right:

In the Chicago Apartment//Out walking in St Charles//Chicago Science Museum//Photo shoot in Chicago//Standing on the fire wreckage//Waiting in Chicago Airport//In the New York Apartment//Dead Christmas trees in NewYork//Walking in Central Park//In Grand Central Station//In the Natural History Museum//In the Boston hotel room//Walking round Boston//Missed our connecting flight to Minneapolis//Back in St Paul//Watching movies at Loris'//Frozen Lake Kite show//Goodbye Minnesota//Nashville photo shoot//In the Nashville Hotel//Watching movies in bed with T//A well needed stop after a full days coach journeys//Back in Corbin//Chilling out with the Kentucky family//Sorting through all our luggage//Fabric shopping//Redbox Day//Visiting a frozen Cumberland Falls

Today is a very lazy Sunday, watching films and packing Ebay things to be sent off to new homes. Do you even have a clear out of your stuff and feel great about getting rid of loads of things, then when you sell them regret selling them at all?! T is coming round to watch the Oscars tonight, we do love a good awards show.Then he's off tomorrow, so hopefully the weather will be okay so we can do something fun! Hope you had a happy weekend!!