Honey I'm Home//Camera Troubles

Well hello everyone! I'm back from my adventure! Well truthfully I've been back for almost two weeks but I didn't really feel much like blogging. I'm still a little sore from the loss of my camera and not being able to document the last part of my trip like I wanted to. I was really not looking forward to coming back to this space and not being able to tell my adventure story the way I wanted to, but I've come to terms with it now and I've decided not to blog about it yet and when I feel the time is right, and I'v gone through all my I phone pics, I can post snippets here and there. I did have the most amazing time though and I am so proud of myself of actually do it! So HA! to all those that doubted me...I finally finished something and saw it through to the end!

So its a bit over whelming coming back to the blog. I haven't even thought about this space for a month, so I'm a bit at a loss as what to do. I feel like I'm starting from scratch, which is a such a weird and cool feeling! So expect lots of cool new things to be happening as I have lots of ideas whizzing around my skull. I a currently unemployed (sad times) so I'm throwing all my spare time into creating something more solid here on the blog and also with my shop idea, so I'm really excited about that.

Speaking of, as I lost my camera in the fire, I'm in the market for a new one, I had a Nikon D40X which I loved but I was thinking about switching to Cannon. Have any of you converted (either way) which do you prefer? I'v only ever had the one camera so I don't really know the market, I've heard Cannons are better for portraits? So any suggestions/advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

It's great to be back and I'm looking forward to getting this little space going again....now I've got to get to reading 3 months worth of all your blog post!

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