Happy Birthday//3 Years

I completely forgot about my blogs 3rd birthday which was on Monday! I'm still in shock, I cant believe that I have stuck at this for so long. And I can honestly say that I love it just as much and more than I did and ever thought I could. I love writing here and just knowing that I can look back on it when ever I want and its all just there. Admittedly I haven't written here as often as Id of liked but hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon. It's so cool to think back on all that has come from this blog, I've made so many amazing people and I can honestly say that some of the best friends I have now, have come from this blog. My whole America trip was from this blog!! How crazy is that?! So yeah...3 years, and I hope I have 3 amazing more years. 

Happy Birthday Blog!

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