Date Night//Boy And Bear

Last night me and T went to see Boy and Bear at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. I've been looking forward to it for so long! I love Boy and Bear so much, they are awesome! If you haven't heard them definitely go check them out! I saw them two years ago in Manchester when they only had one album out and they just played the whole album through, this time the tour was to promote their new album Harlequin Dream, so a few more songs were played which was amazing! I was gutted though because I had a headache (last time I had ear ache!) but we got to the front and I suffered through it, it was worth it. I cant wait to see them again, I hope they tour soon otherwise I'll be flying to Australia and demanding a gig in their front room!! Today is a lazy day, when I got home from the gig I was sick so bad, so gonna take it easy today. Although the sun is shining rather brightly, which is a change from all the rain, so I think some fresh air is on the menu.

On another note: I really really need to get a camera soon! I hate having all these ideas and going places where I would usually take a camera and especially with Max growing up so fast, and I just don't have a camera to document properly!! I have decided on one which is a start, I just need the funds now!!

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