Long Hair//Short Hair

I've been having a bit of a mid-23-life crisis this week. Everything has been getting on top of me and I just cant seem to get above it all. It's always the way isn't it, everything comes at you at once and you have no idea which way is up! Since coming back from America I've been looking for a job and not getting anywhere, me and T really want to get a house so where saving up, but with no money that's a little hard. It's not all bad I know, but it's just getting me down. I had a good cry to my dad the other day that helped, so now I'm sucking it up and getting things done. I'm job hunting like crazy and putting a house to the back of my mind, I still want one like crazy but there's not much I can do about it without a job haha!

One of the things I've been agonizing over, stupid as it sounds, is my hair. It's just the icing on the top of things that aren't going my way, and I find a simple thing like a hair change can sometimes do the world of good. So my dilemma is whether to go short or not. I have waited for so long for long hair and now I have it its bugging me to no end! My hair is just so thick and frizzy it wont do what I want it too. I think I need to find a product that makes my hair less frizzy and a little less unruly. What do you think - Short or long? Do you have any recommendations for awesome hair products I could try out?


Date Night//Boy And Bear

Last night me and T went to see Boy and Bear at the Deaf Institute in Manchester. I've been looking forward to it for so long! I love Boy and Bear so much, they are awesome! If you haven't heard them definitely go check them out! I saw them two years ago in Manchester when they only had one album out and they just played the whole album through, this time the tour was to promote their new album Harlequin Dream, so a few more songs were played which was amazing! I was gutted though because I had a headache (last time I had ear ache!) but we got to the front and I suffered through it, it was worth it. I cant wait to see them again, I hope they tour soon otherwise I'll be flying to Australia and demanding a gig in their front room!! Today is a lazy day, when I got home from the gig I was sick so bad, so gonna take it easy today. Although the sun is shining rather brightly, which is a change from all the rain, so I think some fresh air is on the menu.

On another note: I really really need to get a camera soon! I hate having all these ideas and going places where I would usually take a camera and especially with Max growing up so fast, and I just don't have a camera to document properly!! I have decided on one which is a start, I just need the funds now!!


Happy Birthday//3 Years

I completely forgot about my blogs 3rd birthday which was on Monday! I'm still in shock, I cant believe that I have stuck at this for so long. And I can honestly say that I love it just as much and more than I did and ever thought I could. I love writing here and just knowing that I can look back on it when ever I want and its all just there. Admittedly I haven't written here as often as Id of liked but hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon. It's so cool to think back on all that has come from this blog, I've made so many amazing people and I can honestly say that some of the best friends I have now, have come from this blog. My whole America trip was from this blog!! How crazy is that?! So yeah...3 years, and I hope I have 3 amazing more years. 

Happy Birthday Blog!


Happy Valentines Day//Nashville Photo Shoot

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I usually hate Valentines Day with a passion but this year is a little different, I mean I still dislike the whole idea of having 'one' day to tell some one you love them and how much money companies make (its just stupid!). I am the biggest hopeless romantic in the world so you would think it would be my ultimate holiday, I just think that everyday should be Valentines Day, as corny as that sounds. But I'm going to stop now before I start really ranting!

So yeah, this year is a little different. While T and I where in Nashville we were lucky enough to get photos taken by Kaelah of The Clueless Girl's Guide which was a total fangirl moment for me, like serious nervous shakes right before the big meet up. I've followed Kaelah for many years and she was actually one of the main reasons I started blogging, and in the early days she was my sort of blogging inspiration (and she still is!). So I was super stoked to finally get to meet her, and also get some awesome pictures as well! We absolutely adore them, so I thought id share my favorites on the blog today. It actually turned out to be such a beautiful day, which was totally lucky because everyday before and every day after was bitter cold and rainy/snowy! We had a fantastic day getting chauffeured round Nashville by  Mike and Kaelah, they really made our day special, making us feel so relaxed and at ease. They really went beyond what we expected, there just pretty decent people, and if you ever get the chance to say hi or get a shoot done...DO IT!

Today I'll be spending the day with Nana, Sarah and the most handsomest little guy you will ever meet, Max. The weather is crazy bad at the moment so we shall be spending the day walking round the garden center and eating cake. T is working all day so where going to catch a movie after work, we don't tend to do much on Valentines so it will be nice just hang out like normal. What are your plans for Valentines? Got a special someone or just having family/friends time?


Honey I'm Home//Camera Troubles

Well hello everyone! I'm back from my adventure! Well truthfully I've been back for almost two weeks but I didn't really feel much like blogging. I'm still a little sore from the loss of my camera and not being able to document the last part of my trip like I wanted to. I was really not looking forward to coming back to this space and not being able to tell my adventure story the way I wanted to, but I've come to terms with it now and I've decided not to blog about it yet and when I feel the time is right, and I'v gone through all my I phone pics, I can post snippets here and there. I did have the most amazing time though and I am so proud of myself of actually do it! So HA! to all those that doubted me...I finally finished something and saw it through to the end!

So its a bit over whelming coming back to the blog. I haven't even thought about this space for a month, so I'm a bit at a loss as what to do. I feel like I'm starting from scratch, which is a such a weird and cool feeling! So expect lots of cool new things to be happening as I have lots of ideas whizzing around my skull. I a currently unemployed (sad times) so I'm throwing all my spare time into creating something more solid here on the blog and also with my shop idea, so I'm really excited about that.

Speaking of, as I lost my camera in the fire, I'm in the market for a new one, I had a Nikon D40X which I loved but I was thinking about switching to Cannon. Have any of you converted (either way) which do you prefer? I'v only ever had the one camera so I don't really know the market, I've heard Cannons are better for portraits? So any suggestions/advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

It's great to be back and I'm looking forward to getting this little space going again....now I've got to get to reading 3 months worth of all your blog post!