St. Charles//Fox Valley

I can't believe Iv been Chicago for almost two weeks and I haven't posted about it yet! Iv still got things from Minneapolis that I haven't posted about. Whoops! These pictures are from the first week when I went for a little stroll around the town I'm staying in. St Charles is such a cute little town, I love it. There's a loads of little shops to explore, and I love that they are all in houses! I would love to open a shop in a house, it's such a cool idea and it looks awesome too. It's also situated in Fox Valley, if there was ever a town that I was supposed to live, it would be here, there are little statues of foxes everywhere, it's so cool. It was fun to wander round this little town for a while and see how the locals live, there are some really nice shops and coffee houses, especially the little book store, I think it's my favourite shop so far. I also went to the library and checked out some books, it's a pain in the butt not having books to read whilst travelling. I have Game of Thrones with me but I was in desperate need of something new, and I hate e-books! I'll be sad to leave this town but I'll soon be New York bound and meeting up with T finally!! Iv missed him so much, I think 2 months is my limit with out him....which is quite good going really. 

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