Snow Day//Moving On

Last week we had a snow day! I know there will be many snow days to come with me going to Minneapolis and Chicago, but I really wanted to experience a Kentucky snow day. It wasn't a thick covering but becuase most of Corbin is large areas of untouched land, the snow stayed pretty much un disturbed. I had fun exploring the back garden and surrounding woods with the dogs, it was so pretty and so quiet. I love that part of winter though, everything feels like it's muffled and muted. The snow only lasted a day or two but the cold has stuck around, iv had to use my hat and gloves sooner than I thought. 

Today I'm back at the coffee shop, staying in the warm and drinking coffee with my book. I move on to the next place in 3 days, which is totally weird! Iv come to love this place so much I can't imagine leaving, but it also can't wait to meet Lori and have a jam packed two weeks of dino fun, thrifting and other awesome things! Iv really enjoyed my time here in Corbin, and iv really enjoyed the chilled out relaxed feeling iv had (and needed) but now I'm ready for a city pace and to try something new. I can't wait to travel around see America but I'm also excited to get back to Corbin at the end and see these amazing people again. 

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