Minneapolis Science Museum//Lori and Holly

I can't believe this is my first post after Kentucky! We've been super super busy here in the Twin Cities and I am loving every second of it! I still can't believe that I'm here with Lori, in America, at her house, sitting with her dog...it's so surreal! It's just amazing what blogging can do and if nothing ever comes from it then at least I found one of my best friends through it. The first day I was here we went to the Minneapolis Science Museum to go geek out at the dinosaurs, it was so much fun! I got to see my favourite dinosaur, which I've never seen before in real life, so cool! I can't believe we spent 4 hours in there, there really wasn't that much stuff to look at, but we had so much fun playing with all the interactive science experiments. We also spent a while chatting to the museum employees at the treasure corner. It made me want to live in St Paul so bad because they had a swap system, where you collect things like nature/bones/bugs and things and then swap them for points, and when you have collected enough points you can purchase things like skulls and geodes and other cool things! England really lacks in things I'm interested in, which is such a downer. I'm definitely an American at heart haha! I'm having such an amazing time here in the Twin Cities, and I'm going to be so so when it's time to leave. I'v met so many amazing people and made some friends for life. More blog posts coming soon when I get chance to edit some pictures, we've got a jam packed weekend ahead so at the moment I'm just taking as many pictures as I can.

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