Merry Christmas//Chicago Holidays


This year is my first Christmas away from home, family and friends. I started this post with the thought in mind of saying how much I will miss everyone today and how sad I am that I'm not there with them, to give presents to people (I love giving presents), to eat with my family, to give T a big Christmassy kiss, to spend Max's first Christmas with him...but I'm not going to do that. 

I am the luckiest girl right now, I get to spend Christmas in America on the trip of a life time, with two fantastic people who have just been amazing and so generous letting me stay with them on an important holiday. I get to spend Christmas in Chicago with snow and real cold, not horrible wet English cold, and eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, watch crappy Christmas shows and then get hot chocolate and drive round downtown Chicago looking at all the lights and Christmassy things, then spend the evening with a family who don't even know me, but still welcome me like one of the family. So yes I miss my family but this is so amazing I'm sure I'll cope missing just one year. 

So happy Christmas what ever your doing, with family, friends or complete strangers, I hope it's filled with love and joy...and if your eating Yorkshire puddings please spare a thought for me! They're my favourite and apparently there not on the menu tomorrow! 

Now get of the internet and open them presents! 

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