You & Me//Coffee & Tea

I'm one of those sneaky blogger photographers. Not that I'm self conscious about people thinking I'm weird, I just feel strange like taking pictures of people/peoples things with out asking them. Yesterday I went to this really awesome coffee shop called You & Me Coffee & Tea, it's so cool!! All mixed matched chairs and tables, big squishy comfy sofas, piles of books everywhere, a massive stack of records in the corner and a big black board menu behind the counter. They also had proper tea, like hot tettly tea and such amazing cakes! The people who worked there are so cool and so friendly so they probably won't mind if I asked to take pictures, but maybe when I've been there a few times, it's definitely going to be my new hang out while I'm here. Tonight they have a live band which I'm hopefully going to see if I can get there. I really wish I could bring this place back with me when I leave, it's just so cool!! 

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  1. Oh man. I just added my fave coffee shop to our must do list. You'll love it.


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