Summer shoes on a winters day

Outfit Details: baseball tee: Primark // Shoes: Minnetonka // Leggins: Urban Outfitters

Today was a chill out day. Cold air and good movies means pyjama day and coffee. Yesterday I went to the near by shopping estate and found these Minnetonka Moccasins in the sale. I was so so happy they had them in my size because I have been wanting some for years. They don't really have them in the UK, and when they do they're super pricey, and the shipping on them online is ridiculous! It was buy one get one half price, but I resisted. Maybe when I go to New York if they have a sale on somewhere I might get another pair, but I love these for now. They're so comfy, I'm so happy with them. It's just a shame it's so damn cold here, definitely won't be wearing them outside anytime soon. I just had to slip them on today and take a few pics outside, my toes nearly froze it was that cold. It's so refreshing though. England has a sort of wet cold air but here it is so dry and crisp. I only stayed outside for about 2 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore, I totally envied the dogs in there fur coats and made me (not for the first time) wish I was a wolf. I had a great surprise, thought I couldn't take a picture, in the tree next to the house were two Cardinal Birds!! I've never seen one in real life, but iv always wanted to. They were so beautiful, and so brightly coloured! So my new goal while I'm here is to take a picture of a Cardinal, wish me luck! 

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