On the farm/A different pace

The family who I'm staying with here in America took me to see their horse Greyghost. He's kept in their friends family farm, and it's a gorgeous place. The guy built it all from scratch, including the house. I'm so amazed by the people here. Everyone is so resourceful and they just get on with it. Back home people moan and procrasinate and try and find the easiest/cheapest way to do things (which isn't always a bad thing) but so many people put here, they need a house so the build one! They've got car trouble, they fix it. Some one need work done on the house, the use their brains and build what ever need fixing or whatever. I love it!! I'll be the first person to say I'm a lazy bum, and most of the time I want the quickest easiest route but being here has really made me want to be able to do things myself and just do things if they need doing.

Iv really changed since iv got here. Iv realised that I need to be more active. I used to get up at 12-1 and then sit around and do nothing, on the laptop and watch tv till 2am and then go to bed and then do it all over again. Since being here, I think the latest iv slept in is 10? Iv been up at 7.30-8 every morning, watch a bit of Frasier to start the morning, make some lunch then I'll go out and walk around and do stuff. Or leave with Marsee in the morning at 8 (like today) and go walk round town, go to the library, or read in the coffee shop. And I love it! I love doing things. I used to hate the idea of going out, it was such an effort. Maybe it's becuase this place is so interesting and new? I don't know, but I like it, so I hope I can be like this when I get home. 

P.S isn't the farm dog just the cutest!! He was called Radar, and he was so scrappy! Greyghost was pretty cool too, such a chilled out horse. 

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