Nature is the best Remedy

The other day was a blugh day. I had major stomach cramps and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I spent most of the day balled up on the sofa watching rubbish TV and trying not to fall asleep. In the afternoon I managed to get myself dress (mostly) and thought I'd get some air. I just sat on the front step with my book and some music and just sat. It was really cold, but it was fresh and felt really good. In the woods by the house there are a ton of birds and boy are they loud. In the end I put down the book, turned off the music and just listened. It was really peaceful and I actually felt a little better afterwards. I'm trying not to take as many medicines at the moment, as soon as I had a pain I'd take some pain relief, but I want to try and not be so dependant on it. So I survived my first day of just waiting it out, and it turned out to be an okay day in the end. 

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