My Kentucky heart.

The other day Marsee and her family took me to the shooting range to have a to shooting some guns. Is as equally terrified and excited, I didn't really know what to expect as iv never even seen a gun never mind hold or shoot one! It was awesome!!! I had such good funk want to go again. I can't remember what the guns I shot were called, but they had very little punch. It looks painful when they jar into your shoulder when fired. Les (Marsee's dad) taught me what to do and how to hold it, he was in the Navy and knows all about gun safety so I felt really safe with him. Her whole family is like that so I really couldn't of gone with anyone better really. I shot the gun in the above photo first. I have no idea what it's called, but it was super cool! It was like so,etching out of the Western movies, where you just load the bullets in the cylinder thingy then cock it and fire. I wanted to wear a cowboy hat and boots haha! That gun was definitely my favourite, I shot it a few times. 
Les had a really cool old English gun that they used in both world wars. I didn't have a go at that, it looked super scary and heavy haha! It was so loud, I was wearing ear muffs and it was still hurting my ears. There were some other people at the range too and one of there guns was so loud I had a bit of ear ache when iota home haha! Russell had a shot gun that I had a hold of, I didn't fire it, I just wanted to look cool holding it! We went just before sunset and it was so beautiful. The sun was just going down behind the trees and was casting a really cool light on everything. I know I didn't go there to take pictures but they came out so cool. 
We had a few target sheets to aim at, and they gave me one to fire at so I could take it home as a souvenir. I kinda wish I'd hit it more times than once but I'm happy that I hit it at all! Apparently, I'm a natural. I can't wait to frame this and put it on my wall, it so cool! Hopefully we'll get to go out again while I'm here. We'll definitely try get out when Tim comes over becuase I think he would love to have a go. I even got to keep my empty shells! I had such a awesome time, I think I might have a Kentucky heart, I seem to fit in so well here. 

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