2 days to go

Last week I had the pleasure of being my best friends chief bridesmade. I had an absolutely fantastic time and felt honoured to be asked to be part of such a special day. I haven't managed to sort through all the pictures from the wedding yet, so here are just two that iv managed to get of the camera. Iv got so much to share from the wedding and the engagement shoot I did for them. So watch this space for some pics :) I can't believe how soon my America trip is, it's crazy. I fly out on Monday morning and I haven't even packed properly yet! I have so much to do in these two days, I can't even. But I'm so unbelievably excited!! I can't wait to finally meet all my favourite people and see all the sights and go exploring. Hopefully I'm going to blog almost everyday, I'm naturally a very forgetful person so doing this blog whilst on my trip, will be my holiday diary and help me remember what iv done, and also let people back home keep up to date Whitt things iv done. I'm so glad that I've changed my blog, I feel so much more at ease (if that makes sense?!) I was getting proper stressed about it haha! I hope you like it, I feel all grown up with my own domain name, it's all very exciting.

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