Kentucky Wildcats//Go Blues

Last Sunday Marsee took me to my first college basketball game to see Robert Morris play Kentucky. Apparently it was a rubbish game but I loved it! It was so much fun, the atmosphere was crazy, and it was so loud! I love it when you look down and there is just a sea of colour, everyone the same and just like one big entity. I'm getting to know the rules a little better and be able to follow it a bit more which is good. It means is can scream and cheer and ooh and aah and shout at he players, I feel more involved in the whole experience. I bought a foam finger, had to have a keepsake for the memories and what better thing than a over sized hand. I was told that I had to have an ice cream, so of course I did and it was the best ice cream iv ever tasted! Just wow! I also had a pretzel but it was way too salty for me, uughk. I had so much fun, it's was just an awesome experience. Think I could get really I to this Basketball malarkey.  

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  1. True Story...I actually almost went to UK for grad school or law school......We loved Lexington but Rand had another year of undergrad and I didn't want to be that far away for a whole year. I couldn't be happier to have ended up in MN but Lexington was def. on my list!!!!!


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