Eagle Falls (picture heavy)

On Thursday we went to the other side of Cumberland Falls to another waterfall called Eagle Falls. The trail went over the cliffs that we saw the day before, and they're much higher than they look! Both Falls are part of the National Park and they are just so beautiful. This one was a lot more forest-y and wooded than the Cumberland Falls, the trail was more of a hike as well. It was nice to see the river from the other side as well. I'm always so suprised how different things look from a different perspective, I took so many pictures on the way to the falls and then on the way back I must of taken just as many becuase from the other side things just looked so much different. I liked this trail more becuase of all the leaves that were on the ground. It was like having a bright orange carpet over everything, I wanted to pick up all the leaves and take them home but I wouldn't be allowed to take them on the plane. I hate how many things that I've done that I won't be able to do in England. It sucks. 
I'm not scared of heights, not in a way that stops me doing things, but on this trail I was getting vertigo so bad. I kept feeling like I was going to fall over the edge, and when I looked up at the over hangs, my tummy just knotted up. It was so awesome though. The cliffs were beautiful and there were loads of little caves along the trail too, we had to stay clear of them though becuase Masen said the bears lived in there. We passed the Cumberland Falls and from this side, the way the sun hit the spray, made a double rainbow. I couldn't get a good picture because the trees where in the way but it was so cool to see. Unfortunately Eagle Falls wasn't too powerful, the water level was pretty low, but it looked awesome. I even tried to go behind it but it was a little too steep to go on my own. I had so much fun scrambling on the rocks and taking pictures. There was more piles of driftwood which I was pinning over. 

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