Black Friday//Kentucky Fried Chicken

To day I experienced my very first Black Friday and also visited my old chum, Col. Sanders. Black Friday was actually quite good, I got loads of things for little Max. I can't wait to give them to him, he's going to look so cute! Stripes and Dinosaurs is all I'm saying. Luckily, Corbin doesn't have a whole lot of shops so I was limited in my splurge so the only thing that I got was a really nice jacket, I was looking for a leather jacket becuase iv wanted one for ages but I saw one of those jackets that have patterned body and leather arms and it's so nice. All the leather jackets iv tried have been really restricting, apart from the super expensive ones which suck. But I'm so happy with my new jacket, it's look awesome and I can't wait to wear it! I managed to stay clear of the book store as I knew that it would of been a black hole for me and there would be no telling when I would emerge out the other side, the same can't be said for the fabric store! I had to put my mind blinkers on. I headed straight for what I wanted, got it, paid for it, out the door. If I'd have been in England then I would of gone crazy and bought everything, but I knew that I'm limited on space coming home so I didn't even give myself the opportunity to look. 

After the crazy crowds, Marsee took me to the first KFC ever. It was so cool! The food bit is as normal but the dining are is exactly the same as it was when it first opened! even the tables are the originals. And the original cash register is there and you can look around the original kitchen, there's even a room set up with a bed like the B&B used to be set up like. All the memorabilia is displayed there and you can sit on the bench with Col. Sanders, he looked like a cheeky chappy (and also a lot like Ralph Harris, which was weird). When I went to the part where you can go look in his little office, I nearly pooped my pants! I was not expecting a life size model of the Col. to be standing there grinning at me creepily! The food was actually way nicer than it is in England, so well done KFC, I had a great time and didn't puke up afterwards. Two thumbs up. 

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