Black Friday//Kentucky Fried Chicken

To day I experienced my very first Black Friday and also visited my old chum, Col. Sanders. Black Friday was actually quite good, I got loads of things for little Max. I can't wait to give them to him, he's going to look so cute! Stripes and Dinosaurs is all I'm saying. Luckily, Corbin doesn't have a whole lot of shops so I was limited in my splurge so the only thing that I got was a really nice jacket, I was looking for a leather jacket becuase iv wanted one for ages but I saw one of those jackets that have patterned body and leather arms and it's so nice. All the leather jackets iv tried have been really restricting, apart from the super expensive ones which suck. But I'm so happy with my new jacket, it's look awesome and I can't wait to wear it! I managed to stay clear of the book store as I knew that it would of been a black hole for me and there would be no telling when I would emerge out the other side, the same can't be said for the fabric store! I had to put my mind blinkers on. I headed straight for what I wanted, got it, paid for it, out the door. If I'd have been in England then I would of gone crazy and bought everything, but I knew that I'm limited on space coming home so I didn't even give myself the opportunity to look. 

After the crazy crowds, Marsee took me to the first KFC ever. It was so cool! The food bit is as normal but the dining are is exactly the same as it was when it first opened! even the tables are the originals. And the original cash register is there and you can look around the original kitchen, there's even a room set up with a bed like the B&B used to be set up like. All the memorabilia is displayed there and you can sit on the bench with Col. Sanders, he looked like a cheeky chappy (and also a lot like Ralph Harris, which was weird). When I went to the part where you can go look in his little office, I nearly pooped my pants! I was not expecting a life size model of the Col. to be standing there grinning at me creepily! The food was actually way nicer than it is in England, so well done KFC, I had a great time and didn't puke up afterwards. Two thumbs up. 


Downtown Corbin//Happy Thanksgiving

Last week I went and explored downtown Corbin, I love the way small American town look, I couldn't tell you why, I just do. It's just different to England. It has all the same kinda shops and things like that it just, yeah, different. I like Corbin, it's slow and easy going, everyone says hello to each other and everyone's friendly. I went to post some letters back home and the guy in the post office was so lovely. I didn't really have a clue what I was doing and he was really helpful and patient. It's funny how something so normal seems so alien in a place your not familiar with. I felt a bit silly afterward becuase it was the same as back home, I think I just got it in my head that it would be done totally different. I also wanted to go to the library but it was closed so I'll have to go back when it's open. The You & Me Coffee & Tea coffee shop was in downtown, so I got to sit in the window and people watch, that's also more fun in a new place, people have such different attitudes and manarisms over here. 

It's my first really american Thanksgiving today, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I'm so thankful that iv got to take this amazing trip. It's been the most wonderful fantastic thing that iv ever done and it's not even half finished! I'm thankful for all the people it staying with, for taking the time to welcome me into their homes. I'm thankful for my mum and dad and everyone back home for supporting me and helping me make this a reality and I'm thankful for Tim, he's just...I can't even describe how much he's supported me and believed in me. So cheers everyone!! (I sound like I'm making my 
Oscar Speach) 

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? 


Nature is the best Remedy

The other day was a blugh day. I had major stomach cramps and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. I spent most of the day balled up on the sofa watching rubbish TV and trying not to fall asleep. In the afternoon I managed to get myself dress (mostly) and thought I'd get some air. I just sat on the front step with my book and some music and just sat. It was really cold, but it was fresh and felt really good. In the woods by the house there are a ton of birds and boy are they loud. In the end I put down the book, turned off the music and just listened. It was really peaceful and I actually felt a little better afterwards. I'm trying not to take as many medicines at the moment, as soon as I had a pain I'd take some pain relief, but I want to try and not be so dependant on it. So I survived my first day of just waiting it out, and it turned out to be an okay day in the end. 

What I Found And Where I Found It

Hey people!! I started a cool thing on Instagram the other day, I got the premium frames on Moldiv and thought I'd make a fun little photo project with them. Iv called it - What I Found And Where I Found It - basically you take a picture of something cool that you found and then a picture of the place you found it. Simple. You could use pretty much any kinda frame for it, it doesn't have to be inside the other. I thought this was a really cool idea to remember things about my Amaerica trip more, I have a terrible memory, and some of my favourite things to look at on blogs and Instagram is cool things that people have found like bugs and flowers and mushrooms. So if you want to join in just just #WhatIFoundAndWhereIFoundIt or #WIFAWIFI and let me see all your cool treasures! 


Critters//Praying Mantis

Iv seen lots of cool things so far on my trip but one of the coolest things iv seen is a Praying Mantis iv never seen one before in the wild. We found in on the rocks by the Cumberland River on one of the first days that we went adventuring. It was so cool! I really wanted to pick it up but chickened out last minuite, I find bugs so fascinating but they still creep me out a bit when they get too close! We also saw this Kitydid which was kinda cool, it moves so fast It was hard to get a good picture of it. 

This weekend we drove to Lexington for a family Thanksgiving. This year is my first Thanksgiving at I get three all at once! One last Saturday, one this Thursday and one next Saturday, I'm going to be one chunky monkey by the end of this. It was so much fun, Marsee's Family is huge and they're so welcoming and fun. Their just as crazy as my family, which is good becuase it makes me not miss mine too much. I'm really looking forward to this week, both Marsee and Russell have a four day weekend so I'm only on my own for three days!! I'm going to do some more baking, some sewing and maybe take a few outfit posts. Have a happy Monday everyone!! 


Kentucky Wildcats//Go Blues

Last Sunday Marsee took me to my first college basketball game to see Robert Morris play Kentucky. Apparently it was a rubbish game but I loved it! It was so much fun, the atmosphere was crazy, and it was so loud! I love it when you look down and there is just a sea of colour, everyone the same and just like one big entity. I'm getting to know the rules a little better and be able to follow it a bit more which is good. It means is can scream and cheer and ooh and aah and shout at he players, I feel more involved in the whole experience. I bought a foam finger, had to have a keepsake for the memories and what better thing than a over sized hand. I was told that I had to have an ice cream, so of course I did and it was the best ice cream iv ever tasted! Just wow! I also had a pretzel but it was way too salty for me, uughk. I had so much fun, it's was just an awesome experience. Think I could get really I to this Basketball malarkey.  


You & Me//Coffee & Tea

I'm one of those sneaky blogger photographers. Not that I'm self conscious about people thinking I'm weird, I just feel strange like taking pictures of people/peoples things with out asking them. Yesterday I went to this really awesome coffee shop called You & Me Coffee & Tea, it's so cool!! All mixed matched chairs and tables, big squishy comfy sofas, piles of books everywhere, a massive stack of records in the corner and a big black board menu behind the counter. They also had proper tea, like hot tettly tea and such amazing cakes! The people who worked there are so cool and so friendly so they probably won't mind if I asked to take pictures, but maybe when I've been there a few times, it's definitely going to be my new hang out while I'm here. Tonight they have a live band which I'm hopefully going to see if I can get there. I really wish I could bring this place back with me when I leave, it's just so cool!! 


On the farm/A different pace

The family who I'm staying with here in America took me to see their horse Greyghost. He's kept in their friends family farm, and it's a gorgeous place. The guy built it all from scratch, including the house. I'm so amazed by the people here. Everyone is so resourceful and they just get on with it. Back home people moan and procrasinate and try and find the easiest/cheapest way to do things (which isn't always a bad thing) but so many people put here, they need a house so the build one! They've got car trouble, they fix it. Some one need work done on the house, the use their brains and build what ever need fixing or whatever. I love it!! I'll be the first person to say I'm a lazy bum, and most of the time I want the quickest easiest route but being here has really made me want to be able to do things myself and just do things if they need doing.

Iv really changed since iv got here. Iv realised that I need to be more active. I used to get up at 12-1 and then sit around and do nothing, on the laptop and watch tv till 2am and then go to bed and then do it all over again. Since being here, I think the latest iv slept in is 10? Iv been up at 7.30-8 every morning, watch a bit of Frasier to start the morning, make some lunch then I'll go out and walk around and do stuff. Or leave with Marsee in the morning at 8 (like today) and go walk round town, go to the library, or read in the coffee shop. And I love it! I love doing things. I used to hate the idea of going out, it was such an effort. Maybe it's becuase this place is so interesting and new? I don't know, but I like it, so I hope I can be like this when I get home. 

P.S isn't the farm dog just the cutest!! He was called Radar, and he was so scrappy! Greyghost was pretty cool too, such a chilled out horse.