The Last Bump Day

The other day when we went to the park for a walk, me and Sarah decided it would be a cool idea to take some pictures of the bump. We new it would probably be the last time we get to take any becuase if he didn't come that week, she would be getting induced on the Friday, so no matter what there'd be no bump the week after. It was such a lovely sunny day and the park was in its transition into Autumn, so it was so lovely and crisp. We must of walked round the park about 5 times, we were pretty determined to walk the baby out at this point. Sarah really suited being pregnant, she was so happy about it, and really laid back about it all. She suited her bump and it's really odd to look at her now and it's not there any more. But we are so happy to have little Max with us now, I just love being a sister. In a few days I'll do a big post on him so you all can meet him properly. Iv had the camera out so much since he's arrived, iv ordered loads of camera to I pad tech off Amazon so I don't have to faff around with the laptop and Dropbox. 
I love these last two pictures, it just sums up how Sarah was thought the whole pregnancy. Sure she had her moments, but what first time mum doesn't, she's going to be a great mum to little Max. 

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