one last week

Just one week remains until I head off to America for 3 months!! I cant believe its come around so quick, its mind boggling! It only seems like a few months ago that I was planning it and starting to think seriously about going. its was 4 years ago! And now its here and soon ill be getting on that plane and starting the trip of a life time. I'm so excited!! I cant believe its all come together so easy and not much has gone wrong at all (touch wood) so I'm pretty sure this is meant to be. Iv just got that last thing sorted that I need, so the rest is just packing and waiting around till the day gets here. I was supposed to finish work last week but Iv managed to get two extra shifts which is great because its a little extra money than I had planned to have, but it would of been nice to have a full week off before I go. Its going to be so weird saying goodbye to people this week, I've never really been away from home for such a long time especially with out parents, so its equal parts exciting and terrifying! I plan to blog the whole way through my trip. it will be a great way to keep a diary of my time and also a great way to keep people back home in the loop.

I'm planning a huge blog redesign, like the whole shebang. New name, new look, new URL, I know this is potentially blog suicide but I really feel like I've outgrown this whole look, and I want something new. Id be lying if I said I wasn't pretty bummed about loosing pretty much all my followers (I think I will) but when it comes down to it, this is a reflection of me and who I am, If I'm not 100% happy with it, its worth it. I'v been put off posting recently just because of the reasons above. I feel like I'm trying to post things to reflect the feel of the blog, where the two should go hand in hand. Iv started designing it, I'm just not sure whether I should do it before I go or after?! Have any of you had a complete re-design? how did you find it?

//As you may have noticed, since posting this I have decided to go ahead with the re-design. Iv decided (with some help from friends) to get a custom domain name, that way nothing gets lost and I can have a shiny new name and still get to keep all you lovely readers! The domain name is up an running and the layout will come in the next few days. So goodbye Books Art and SciFi and hello Dear Wilderness!! Hope you like it!?\\


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