Mushroom Boom

A few days after I posted about finding all those Fly Agaric in my garden, I went out to see what had happened to them. They had grown so huge and multiplied so much! There were so many of them! They were all growing underneath each other and in little clumps. They reminded me of Fantasia with the little dancing mushroom families, so cute. They've all shrivelled and died now which is sad, but I'm really glad I got to take some cool photographs of them in their prime. I can't wait for next year to see how many come up! I love them so much I'v decided to get them incorporated into my nature sleeve tattoo. I was always going to have mushrooms but I wasn't sure which ones, but this pretty much sealed the deal.
I love the how the pictures turned out from the ground perspective. I can just imagine that's what it looks like for a mouse, or maybe Alice walking round Wonderland! I kind wish mushrooms where like trees so then I could walk in a mushroom forest, that would be awesome! 

This week is my first of the two weeks of work until I go to America!! I can't believe it's come around so fast, it's unreal. Iv just planned some really exciting things to do over there which I am totally stoked about! So this week is getting all my last minute things together and just checking that I have everything I need. I have a week off after these two before I go, but I really want to be done and dusted before then so I can just relax and not stress out before I go. IM SO EXCITED!!  

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