Fly Agaric invasion

Yesterdy I had one of the best suprises when I went into the garden. Mushrooms everywhere! And not the boring kind we usually have in the garden (well not boring becuase mushrooms are cool!!!) but the super duper colourful Fly Agaric. There poisonous and contain hallucinogenic properties so best not to be meddled with, but they are so cool to look at. It was like a fairy tale scene had just sported out of no where and I was waiting for a fairy and a talking toad wearing a waistcoat and pocket watch to come strolling along their merry way! And no I had not just eaten one! We usually get one or two Fly Agaric every year, but they never really get to any great size and they die pretty quick, iv never seen so many and so big in the garden before. It's so cool! Dad wanted to pick them and get rid but I wanted to leave them for a while to see how big they get.
Nearly all of them have bites taken out of them or a little nibble here and there, iv researched them and it is common that animals will take chunks out becuase of the way they make you feel when hallucinating, the poison isn't exactly fatal but would probably put you in hospital. So I think a lot of cats will have stomach ache around my house, and I hope I don't find anything dead in the garden becuase then I'll feel real bad about letting them grow! I'm so glad I got to see these, the other day I bought a mushroom identification guide, so it glad I got to use it so soon. It's so fun being able to find something and know what it is all by yourself. So you can call me Holly, armature Mycologist.
Do you like finding cool things in nature? What's your favourite thing to find? 

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