one last week

Just one week remains until I head off to America for 3 months!! I cant believe its come around so quick, its mind boggling! It only seems like a few months ago that I was planning it and starting to think seriously about going. its was 4 years ago! And now its here and soon ill be getting on that plane and starting the trip of a life time. I'm so excited!! I cant believe its all come together so easy and not much has gone wrong at all (touch wood) so I'm pretty sure this is meant to be. Iv just got that last thing sorted that I need, so the rest is just packing and waiting around till the day gets here. I was supposed to finish work last week but Iv managed to get two extra shifts which is great because its a little extra money than I had planned to have, but it would of been nice to have a full week off before I go. Its going to be so weird saying goodbye to people this week, I've never really been away from home for such a long time especially with out parents, so its equal parts exciting and terrifying! I plan to blog the whole way through my trip. it will be a great way to keep a diary of my time and also a great way to keep people back home in the loop.

I'm planning a huge blog redesign, like the whole shebang. New name, new look, new URL, I know this is potentially blog suicide but I really feel like I've outgrown this whole look, and I want something new. Id be lying if I said I wasn't pretty bummed about loosing pretty much all my followers (I think I will) but when it comes down to it, this is a reflection of me and who I am, If I'm not 100% happy with it, its worth it. I'v been put off posting recently just because of the reasons above. I feel like I'm trying to post things to reflect the feel of the blog, where the two should go hand in hand. Iv started designing it, I'm just not sure whether I should do it before I go or after?! Have any of you had a complete re-design? how did you find it?

//As you may have noticed, since posting this I have decided to go ahead with the re-design. Iv decided (with some help from friends) to get a custom domain name, that way nothing gets lost and I can have a shiny new name and still get to keep all you lovely readers! The domain name is up an running and the layout will come in the next few days. So goodbye Books Art and SciFi and hello Dear Wilderness!! Hope you like it!?\\


Down In The Dumps

Today is a slump day. I'm over emotional and prone to spontaneous crying. I haven't slept a full nights sleep for a few nights, I don't know why, and it's making me really angry and frustrated. I'm so annoyed, I hate feeling like this, especially when I only have two weeks left until I head over to the States, and the last thing I want to do is be a miserable bugger to the people around me before I go. But hey ho. Hopefully I'll get over it with the new week coming and I can just kick myself in the butt and get over this slump. Everyone has days like this right? I have a pattern to my good days, Iv figured it out I think. I have about two - three weeks of being really good, then I get tired of always being happy and I need two or three days to just be grumpy, then I'm okay! Weird I know, but that's how it goes haha! Also it's my best friends wedding next weekend and I'm chief bridesmade so best get my happy head on! 

How are you feeling this week? Has been a YEY or a OH NO?


Mushroom Boom

A few days after I posted about finding all those Fly Agaric in my garden, I went out to see what had happened to them. They had grown so huge and multiplied so much! There were so many of them! They were all growing underneath each other and in little clumps. They reminded me of Fantasia with the little dancing mushroom families, so cute. They've all shrivelled and died now which is sad, but I'm really glad I got to take some cool photographs of them in their prime. I can't wait for next year to see how many come up! I love them so much I'v decided to get them incorporated into my nature sleeve tattoo. I was always going to have mushrooms but I wasn't sure which ones, but this pretty much sealed the deal.
I love the how the pictures turned out from the ground perspective. I can just imagine that's what it looks like for a mouse, or maybe Alice walking round Wonderland! I kind wish mushrooms where like trees so then I could walk in a mushroom forest, that would be awesome! 

This week is my first of the two weeks of work until I go to America!! I can't believe it's come around so fast, it's unreal. Iv just planned some really exciting things to do over there which I am totally stoked about! So this week is getting all my last minute things together and just checking that I have everything I need. I have a week off after these two before I go, but I really want to be done and dusted before then so I can just relax and not stress out before I go. IM SO EXCITED!!  


City Thunder Vs Sixers

Tuesday was my first ever basketball game! Tim managed to get some cheap tickets last minuet so it was a bit of a surprise. I've been planning on trying to see a game in America at the end of the year, but Tim really wanted me to take me to my first, so we were both thrilled to be able to get to see one in the UK. It was a Global Games(?) game against, let me get this right, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Philadelphia 76ers (Wooo Wooo, I know my stuff!!) I don't have a clue about basketball so for most of the game I didn't know what was going on, but I caught on pretty quickly and by the end I was getting really into it. Tim said that it wasn't a particularly exciting game because it was a friendly game and the coaches didn't want to risk injuring their players. But I really enjoyed it anyway and it was a good game to ease me in haha! Hopefully we will get to see a proper game in America together as well, that would be pretty cool.
Before the game we went to the Printworks where they were having mini tournaments for the public to win tickets and goodie-bags. It was really good fun to watch, but I didn't have a go haha! After the tournaments two ex players were handing out signed photographs, I'm not even going to try and pronounce the names! I didn't have a clue who they were, I just knew they were both really tall and one was really good looking (sorry Tim!)...I'll let you guess which one that was. Tim was pretty excited to meet them so they must of been pretty big players back in the day. They were really nice, and were happy to pose for photographs and were really friendly. 
I was really excited to watch the Cheerleaders. I love watching them on tv, there so cool with what they do. They were a little boring actually, they didn't really do much, but still it was pretty cool to see all the inbetweenie bits and the half time stuff. So yeh, I had a really good day and I can't wait to go see another game! Tim has definitely converted me to Basketball and I now support the Raptors, purely because of the name. 

Do you like Basketball? What team do you support? 


Week One With Little Max

Wow. What a first week. I can't believe that Baby Max has been here a whole week. It's just mind blowing! We waited 9 months for him to arrive and got everything ready for him, and now he's here. I hardly know what to do! He came home on the 4th Oct, 4 days after he was born. We were so excited to get him home and show him his room. He has settled in so well into our family life, it's like he's always been here. Sarah was pleased to be home too, and to finally try to sort out some sort of routine with him. He's such a good baby, we've done really well to get a really relaxed, chilled out little dude. I love him so much. He's such a sweetie, and has so much personality already, he's going to grow into a cool little guy. 

This week has been full of 'firsts'. First bath, first poop, first nappy change, first outing, first sleep in the new bed, the list goes on. It's been really exciting to get to be around when these 'firsts' happen. I'm really conscious that when I go to America for 3 months in a few weeks, I'm going to miss so much that happens, so I'm just soaking up as much of him as I can. Which means lots of cuddles on the couch and walks in the nice Autumn air. I love pushing him in his buggy, so many people I know have given we weird looks as if to say 'whaaat?! He can't be yours?!' It's quite funny. 
*The first trip to Starbucks to see the girls. They absolutely adored him, I can tell he's going to have a lot of admirers when he's older. He was so good, he just sat and stared at everyone, I think we're going to have to buy him a little Starbucks mug to match ours, seen as he's part of the Starbucks family now.*
*Second day in hospital. He was so much smaller than I thought! In the pictures that I got sent he looked huge, but when I got to the hospital he was so tiny!*
*This is his sleeping face. Isn't it just adorable! His little mouth looks so squishy and his little chubby cheeks, I could just eat him up! He has the cutest little breaths when he sleeps...JUST SO CUTE!!*
*When I went to the hospital to see him, I couldn't get over how tiny his hands were! And so wrinky, he's since grown into his ski and his little hands are grasping to hold on to anything. Iv started to wear my hair up becuase he's grabbing my hair already!*

*First time in his new crib, he looks tiny in it and he obviously didn't like it all that much! He much prefers his Moses basket, at least for now*
*He pulls some of the funniest faces! I wouldn't expect any less from my little brother, I'm going to have to teach him some of my funny face secrets*
*Poor little guy didn't like his first bath. It was quite funny though. He screamed at the top of his little lungs.*
*my favourite. Cuddle time*

I can't wait to see him grow and change in the weeks and months to come, he's such a dude already, can only imagine he'll just get better and better. So this is week one with little Max, roll on week two!! 


Fly Agaric invasion

Yesterdy I had one of the best suprises when I went into the garden. Mushrooms everywhere! And not the boring kind we usually have in the garden (well not boring becuase mushrooms are cool!!!) but the super duper colourful Fly Agaric. There poisonous and contain hallucinogenic properties so best not to be meddled with, but they are so cool to look at. It was like a fairy tale scene had just sported out of no where and I was waiting for a fairy and a talking toad wearing a waistcoat and pocket watch to come strolling along their merry way! And no I had not just eaten one! We usually get one or two Fly Agaric every year, but they never really get to any great size and they die pretty quick, iv never seen so many and so big in the garden before. It's so cool! Dad wanted to pick them and get rid but I wanted to leave them for a while to see how big they get.
Nearly all of them have bites taken out of them or a little nibble here and there, iv researched them and it is common that animals will take chunks out becuase of the way they make you feel when hallucinating, the poison isn't exactly fatal but would probably put you in hospital. So I think a lot of cats will have stomach ache around my house, and I hope I don't find anything dead in the garden becuase then I'll feel real bad about letting them grow! I'm so glad I got to see these, the other day I bought a mushroom identification guide, so it glad I got to use it so soon. It's so fun being able to find something and know what it is all by yourself. So you can call me Holly, armature Mycologist.
Do you like finding cool things in nature? What's your favourite thing to find? 


The Last Bump Day

The other day when we went to the park for a walk, me and Sarah decided it would be a cool idea to take some pictures of the bump. We new it would probably be the last time we get to take any becuase if he didn't come that week, she would be getting induced on the Friday, so no matter what there'd be no bump the week after. It was such a lovely sunny day and the park was in its transition into Autumn, so it was so lovely and crisp. We must of walked round the park about 5 times, we were pretty determined to walk the baby out at this point. Sarah really suited being pregnant, she was so happy about it, and really laid back about it all. She suited her bump and it's really odd to look at her now and it's not there any more. But we are so happy to have little Max with us now, I just love being a sister. In a few days I'll do a big post on him so you all can meet him properly. Iv had the camera out so much since he's arrived, iv ordered loads of camera to I pad tech off Amazon so I don't have to faff around with the laptop and Dropbox. 
I love these last two pictures, it just sums up how Sarah was thought the whole pregnancy. Sure she had her moments, but what first time mum doesn't, she's going to be a great mum to little Max. 


Hello little fella

Say hello to little Max. Is he not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I am so totally in love with him, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. So I've been doing a bit of both. He was born 1st October, an autumn baby like I hoped he would be. He is so gorgeous, I can't stop looking at him. His baby soft skin is just to die for, I could sit and stroke his tiny little hands and chubby cheeks for hours. I love him so much. So I might not be around for a few days, with getting used to him at home and getting settled, but I'll be sure to get back to posting soon...and I'll try not to over load you with baby pictures, but I can't promise anything! 

So have a great weekend folks, I know I will. 

P.S this is my brother, he's not my baby