Paint by numbers One pt2

HAPPY AUTUMN GUYS! It is officially my favourite time of year and I'm so happy!! I love autumn with my whole heart. If cant wait to watch the leaves change and weather turn, and I especially can't wait for pumpkin spice lattes at work! I just love it all!! And I'm especially excited that I get to spend a bit of it in America!! I know I've mentioned it a few times but my America trip is slowly drawing nearer, it's only 6 weeks now till I'm away for 3 months!! I'm super super excited and I can't wait to do all my exploring and traveling. It's going to be really cold when I go so I'm really looking forward to wrapping up warm and having lots of adventures, then also sitting in coffee shops and reading a book. Hopefully this blog will turn into a sort of journal for when I'm away so you'll be able to have my little adventure along with me :) I'll probably end up blogging way more than I do now haha!! 

But anyway iv totally gone off on what I was going to write about. I did a little more on my fox tonight, I haven't done any since last time because iv been so busy! But tonight I just got an urge, so while we watched Conan The Barbarian, I had a little paint. It's so strange to pain by numbers, as an artist it goes against everything iv ever done before to not blend the colours! When I look at it now from afar it actually looks correct, but when I'm up close I just think 'this can't be right, it looks awful!' BUT I'm sticking with him so hopefully he'll turn out alright and I can hang him proudly on the wall and then buy another one, iv got my eye on a good wolf one, so that might be next. 

So happy Autumn everyone! Hope it's filled with bonfires, hot chocolates and concur hunts! 

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