Everton vs Stevenage

So I should probably start this post with saying that I hate football. It's never interested me apart from the World Cup where I might be persuaded to sit down and watch a game if there is food involved. I don't see the point in watching grown men kick a ball round a field and get paid ££££ to do it!! I don't understand the lingo, the players names don't stick in my head and the thought of being in a crowd of rowdy old men screaming profanities at people who can't even hear them makes me feel sick. So for the past 6 years I have refused point blank to go with my step dad Matt to a game. Never in a million years would I go with him, and there was nothing he could bribe me with to go either. Well apparently there is and it's pie. I can be bought with pie. How cheap of me. 

So there I was, 5.30 driving to Goodison on Wednesday with Matt. Don't really know how I got there, I think tranquillisers and a bag were involved but apparently it was of my own free will, as much as it pains me to say. And I have to admit, I was excited. It was nervous excitement, as I didn't really know what to expect, but it wasn't a bad feeling. As we got closer the blue got more frequent, crowds of people were heading towards the grounds, and I was surprised to see so many young people and family's. Matt was saying that Everton is quite a family orientated club, and still quite old in its traditions, and it was evident as the evening went on. 
The stadium was so cool! It's proper old and hardly changed since it was first built. You scan your cards and then go through the turn styles (which I got stuck in!!) and then walk the stairs to the stands. Before we found our seats we bought my bribe, a nice, hot steak pie and some coke. Next we found our seats and I was taken back by how small everything was. I was expecting huge stands and a big green field. In reality it was tightly packed, tiny seats and just a patch of green. Obviously it's regulation size, it just looks so much bigger on tv! We waited for the teams to come on and when they did the crowd went wild. Iv never heard such a noise from a crowd...and Matt said that was nothing, at a proper cup match its 100x louder!! I had such a brilliant time, I was so shocked. Apparently they played pretty rubbish but they won so its okay. I'm glad they did because I'd hate to of been on a ride home with Grumpy Matt! 
I'd just like to draw your attention to the mans wonky head I front of me...I couldn't stop laughing it was so funny. His head isn't really like this, he moved when I was panning and stretched his head!! And as promised, the pie was amazing. So apparently I'm an Evertonian now, althought I think I'll still say Liverpool, just to annoy Matt, although I don't think I can...I HAD TOO MUCH FUN!!!

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  1. Great write up Holz! So funny that you remembered the information i bored you with....although not as funny as you getting stuck in the turnstile's, some great pictures to. I've nicked some already!! Matt xxx


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