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Please forgive this post, it will be rambly and just a jumble of thoughts but I feel like I need to get them down. This blog has been such a help to me sorting out my thoughts and letting me just express what I have inside to no one Inparticular. Lately iv been feeling so overwhelmed by everything and my mind is racing all the time. It's not really in a bad way, because my thoughts aren't about bad things, I just have a lot of them. I feel like Bruce, in Bruce Almighty when he has everyone's prayers in is head and he just feels like shouting 'SHUT UP!!' to everyone. I just wish my brain would be quiet for two seconds, let me take a breather, then sort everything out one by one. I have so much to do in such a short space of time it's ridiculous.

This America trip is so amazing and fantastic and I can't wait! But there is so much still left to do and organise I can't even fathom it. I have a friends wedding which I am chief bridesmade and photographer and I'm doing the head table center piece. I have work and lots of extra (home)work to do. My baby brother is due any day now. Everyday I say to my self 'right Holly, tonight were going to sit down and make a gazillion lists of every single tiny thing you need to do and then it will all be laid out in front of you.' Then every night, something comes up or I'm too tired and I sit in front of the paper and I don't know where to start. It's just ridiculous!

Iv always been a chilled out person when it comes to things happening. Things just fall into place and what will be will be, but this is just too huge to not get stressy about. I have 6 weeks till I go to America. I need to have everything sorted by then. Don't get me wrong, I have all the important things sorted haha! But sometimes it's the little things that get you the most stressed, because they're the things that creep up ontop of you when you lease expect it, and make you think....Shit!

So I think this week I'm going to actually try and sort this mess of a brain out. Lists. It's all about lists. Iv got one of my pretty notebooks from my collection and I'm going to make as many lists as a possibly can untill it's all out my head and in black and white (and maybe some colour). Hopefully then I'll be able to make some sense and some more decisions in the next six weeks. Or at least I can stop shouting at my head to shut up!

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  1. No worries about your time in MN-I'll have it all planned, you just have to show up! <3


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