Park Life

The other day was glorious sunshine and really hot, which is rather unusual for this time of year where I live. So Sarah and I went for a stroll around the park to make the most of it. It was really nice because the schools were in so there were hardly any kids and it was really peaceful. I love the park in Autumn, I love the changing trees and collecting conkers off the ground, but Summer seems to be holding on as long as it can because all the trees are still green!! I can tell it's going to happen soon though, I can feel it in my bones, hahaha. In the park are two gorgeous willow trees right on the edge of the lake. I imagine them to be an old married couple just sitting there watching the young people walk round there park, whispering to each other and making passing comments about the world. They really are lovely.
The ducks are really friendly in the park, they follow you round hoping that you have food to give them. I noticed this beautiful white mallard following us round more than the others. Iv always loved ducks that have unusual markings or who aren't quite right, the so much cuter and when I was younger, they would be the ones that got all of my bread. Until I thought, everyone must do that so they're probably really fat and happy! I would of loved to have found a few feathers from this pretty girl because they would of been an awesome item to add to my collection. 
There are so many cool little paths in the park. I love exploring and trying to find them all. I really want to do some photo shoots around the park in some of the pretty places iv found. I did one with Sarah while we were walking round which I will share soon, the last baby bump pictures before he arrives!! Which is a hugely scary thought! 
Do you have any favourite places to just wander on days off or go to places when you want a photo shoot? 


Itsy bitsy spider

Lately I have been seeing a lot of spiders. I know it's spider season but I don't ever remember seeing so many! I'm starting to think they're my spirit animal or something haha! We sort of have a spider hotel in our garden. I think there are a few generations living there because there are about 4 or 5 that are exactly the same and they have all made massive webs. I'm not exactly afraid of spiders, they fascinate me. Not saying that I would want them crawling all over me, but I'd pick one up if It was my own choice haha! I think Iv been over loading Instagram with creepy crawly pictures so, sorry guys!! Their webs are just awesome though, there so pretty and beautiful. Pretty cool creatures when you think about it.
Do you like spiders? Or do you have another favourite critter? 


Constant chatter

Please forgive this post, it will be rambly and just a jumble of thoughts but I feel like I need to get them down. This blog has been such a help to me sorting out my thoughts and letting me just express what I have inside to no one Inparticular. Lately iv been feeling so overwhelmed by everything and my mind is racing all the time. It's not really in a bad way, because my thoughts aren't about bad things, I just have a lot of them. I feel like Bruce, in Bruce Almighty when he has everyone's prayers in is head and he just feels like shouting 'SHUT UP!!' to everyone. I just wish my brain would be quiet for two seconds, let me take a breather, then sort everything out one by one. I have so much to do in such a short space of time it's ridiculous.

This America trip is so amazing and fantastic and I can't wait! But there is so much still left to do and organise I can't even fathom it. I have a friends wedding which I am chief bridesmade and photographer and I'm doing the head table center piece. I have work and lots of extra (home)work to do. My baby brother is due any day now. Everyday I say to my self 'right Holly, tonight were going to sit down and make a gazillion lists of every single tiny thing you need to do and then it will all be laid out in front of you.' Then every night, something comes up or I'm too tired and I sit in front of the paper and I don't know where to start. It's just ridiculous!

Iv always been a chilled out person when it comes to things happening. Things just fall into place and what will be will be, but this is just too huge to not get stressy about. I have 6 weeks till I go to America. I need to have everything sorted by then. Don't get me wrong, I have all the important things sorted haha! But sometimes it's the little things that get you the most stressed, because they're the things that creep up ontop of you when you lease expect it, and make you think....Shit!

So I think this week I'm going to actually try and sort this mess of a brain out. Lists. It's all about lists. Iv got one of my pretty notebooks from my collection and I'm going to make as many lists as a possibly can untill it's all out my head and in black and white (and maybe some colour). Hopefully then I'll be able to make some sense and some more decisions in the next six weeks. Or at least I can stop shouting at my head to shut up!



I haven't blogged properly in so long it's crazy. And I haven't really had chance to take any pics for posts so here's a Currently post to keep you up to date :)

Loving: My new tattoos!!! Well maybe not loving this second as they extremely tender but really itchy, but I love the content! My friend made a fantastic offer that I just couldn't refuse, so I finally got the calf pieces that iv been after!! I am now I proud owner of bloody fantastic Narwhal and Unicorn tattoos! There not quite finished yet, I have one more sitting but it love them already so it's all good.

Hating: My itchy tattoos, there a pain in the butt. Especially when you have to have them covered for work. Just need them to heal,

Thinking about: The new year. I know it's ages away, but this year has gone by so fast and I feel like I haven't done anything really, or achieved what I wanted to, so I'm getting a head start on putting things in motion for next year. I'm so bad at goal keeping but next year I want to change that. I want to achieve things and be able to cross them off my list.

Avoiding: The shops. Or rather that should be Trying to avoid but failing miserably: I'm sorry but I love to shop. I'm trying so hard to save my money for America, and iv done really well I just can't seem to stop buying things. It's annoying me quite frankly, especially when my job is in town so I have to go there everyday and I walk past the store fronts and I just am drawn to things, I'm a moth and they are the biggest brightest lantern you can find. I admit it. IM A SHOPAHOLIC! 

Anticipating: My America trip! I am so so so excited its unreal. It's all coming together (sort of) smoothly and all the little bits will be done in time. I still can't believe it's actually happening but here we are, 6 weeks away and I feel like the luckiest girl on earth to have such a supportive family and the chance to do such an amazing trip.

Dreading: The flight. I hate flying. 

Listening to: Tom Odell. I'm in love with his voice.

Reading: The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer. He is my favourite person on Glee and I had no idea he wrote books too. They're kids books but they're amazing. I can't put it down, and I can't wait to read his other books too. Love him.

Watching: The Great British Bake Off. I love this show! The people this year are hilarious and I just love Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.

Eating: At the moment I seem to have a taste for Starbucks caramel waffles. I can't stop eating them! They're incredibly morei-sh. I also am craving Starbucks chocolate swirls, but they're only on trial in Manchester and not in all stores yet, so I'm looking out for them! 

Drinking: Water mainly. I'm so thirsty recently, I can't seem to drink enough. 

Wishing: That my brother would hurry up and get here! He's due today! We don't think he will show up for another week or so, but we all desperately want to meet him! 


Paint by numbers One pt2

HAPPY AUTUMN GUYS! It is officially my favourite time of year and I'm so happy!! I love autumn with my whole heart. If cant wait to watch the leaves change and weather turn, and I especially can't wait for pumpkin spice lattes at work! I just love it all!! And I'm especially excited that I get to spend a bit of it in America!! I know I've mentioned it a few times but my America trip is slowly drawing nearer, it's only 6 weeks now till I'm away for 3 months!! I'm super super excited and I can't wait to do all my exploring and traveling. It's going to be really cold when I go so I'm really looking forward to wrapping up warm and having lots of adventures, then also sitting in coffee shops and reading a book. Hopefully this blog will turn into a sort of journal for when I'm away so you'll be able to have my little adventure along with me :) I'll probably end up blogging way more than I do now haha!! 

But anyway iv totally gone off on what I was going to write about. I did a little more on my fox tonight, I haven't done any since last time because iv been so busy! But tonight I just got an urge, so while we watched Conan The Barbarian, I had a little paint. It's so strange to pain by numbers, as an artist it goes against everything iv ever done before to not blend the colours! When I look at it now from afar it actually looks correct, but when I'm up close I just think 'this can't be right, it looks awful!' BUT I'm sticking with him so hopefully he'll turn out alright and I can hang him proudly on the wall and then buy another one, iv got my eye on a good wolf one, so that might be next. 

So happy Autumn everyone! Hope it's filled with bonfires, hot chocolates and concur hunts! 


Hello autumn

It's turning to autumn here and I love it! Autumn is my all time favourite season and I've been waiting for it all year. I love all the things that nature produces in Autumn and I love foraging for them. The Colour of the leaves is probably one of my favourite things. I love going to the park and walking through the fallen leaves. I got to wear my coat the other day for the first time since winter and I loved it! Coats are the best and i cant wait to think up some outfits for Autumn. The other week when I was shooting an outfit post, I found some mushrooms in the garden. They were so small and cute! I love mushrooms, there so interesting and I would love to learn more about them. I'm going to have to find a good book so I can read all about them. 
On my way to work there is a huge tree that produces the most amazing huge pine cones. I'm not sure what the tree is, maybe I should fine a book on trees as well! But iv been looking at these pine cones in this garden for ages never having enough courage to sneak in and grab one. Until the other day! I finally plucked up the courage to do a dash and grab and got myself this beauty. I probably picked the smallest one on the floor but oh well, I'm keeping my eye out for another one to fall. It's currently sat on my nature shelf along with the other normal pine cones iv collected and it looks so cool! I can't wait to finally get a house and have a place to let my collection grow. 
So I'm really excited for this autumn and winter. I get to spend it in America with some good friends and I can't wait to go out exploring and take lots of photos of all the cool things I find. You guys are going to be so bored of all the posts ill do about random stuff haha!! So iv got about 5 weeks before I go, so I'm hoping to make the most of the British Autumn too. Have to spend my days off in the woods! 


Outfit Post: Qwertee Style vol.2

Hello! And welcome to the Second edition in my Qwertee t-shirt inspired outfit posts! I hope you've all fallen in love with Qwertee, I think you should, their awesome! If you want you can see my first post in this series, which I explain a little about Qwertee too. This was the second tee I bought. I love it because I love that colour blue and its STARGATE!!! I have never ever ever found a Stargate tee that It cool and trendy, they're usually a bit naff and almost too geeky (if that's even possible!?). This was definitely an instant buy, no hesitation, just straight in the basket. I wore this outfit to go visit mums, it wasn't really planned as in I have no makeup or anything, but I sort of matched my space leggings to the space theme. I think that was all I could muster as far as effort goes. 
I love my space/nebula/galaxy leggings! They are so comfy and soft, and I love the colours. There not in-your-face spacey, my dad says it looks like I'm one big bruise haha! Worn with my all time favourite shorts and trusty converse. They are so grubby now and have 4 years worth of paint on them but I still love them and will wear them till they fall off my feet. You will have to excuse the squinting, it was so sunny that evening and it was really low in the sky. We've had some really mixed weather recently, a good sign that Autumn is finally on it way. Woohoo! My all time favourite season. I can't wait to do all the fun autumn stuff! 
I can't believe how long my hair has got!! It's unreal! Iv been waiting so long to have it long, but now I want it all chopped off!! I'm in desperate need of a hair cut, or at least a trim, and I'm really worried ill do some thing rash when I finally get round to going the hairdressers. What do you recon? Leave it long, or chop it off? I would like it a little longer....
(This post is not sponsored by Qwerty and I am receiving no funds to do these posts. The words are totally my own opinion and I'm doing these posts just because I love the product and I think my readers would love them too.)


Everton vs Stevenage

So I should probably start this post with saying that I hate football. It's never interested me apart from the World Cup where I might be persuaded to sit down and watch a game if there is food involved. I don't see the point in watching grown men kick a ball round a field and get paid ££££ to do it!! I don't understand the lingo, the players names don't stick in my head and the thought of being in a crowd of rowdy old men screaming profanities at people who can't even hear them makes me feel sick. So for the past 6 years I have refused point blank to go with my step dad Matt to a game. Never in a million years would I go with him, and there was nothing he could bribe me with to go either. Well apparently there is and it's pie. I can be bought with pie. How cheap of me. 

So there I was, 5.30 driving to Goodison on Wednesday with Matt. Don't really know how I got there, I think tranquillisers and a bag were involved but apparently it was of my own free will, as much as it pains me to say. And I have to admit, I was excited. It was nervous excitement, as I didn't really know what to expect, but it wasn't a bad feeling. As we got closer the blue got more frequent, crowds of people were heading towards the grounds, and I was surprised to see so many young people and family's. Matt was saying that Everton is quite a family orientated club, and still quite old in its traditions, and it was evident as the evening went on. 
The stadium was so cool! It's proper old and hardly changed since it was first built. You scan your cards and then go through the turn styles (which I got stuck in!!) and then walk the stairs to the stands. Before we found our seats we bought my bribe, a nice, hot steak pie and some coke. Next we found our seats and I was taken back by how small everything was. I was expecting huge stands and a big green field. In reality it was tightly packed, tiny seats and just a patch of green. Obviously it's regulation size, it just looks so much bigger on tv! We waited for the teams to come on and when they did the crowd went wild. Iv never heard such a noise from a crowd...and Matt said that was nothing, at a proper cup match its 100x louder!! I had such a brilliant time, I was so shocked. Apparently they played pretty rubbish but they won so its okay. I'm glad they did because I'd hate to of been on a ride home with Grumpy Matt! 
I'd just like to draw your attention to the mans wonky head I front of me...I couldn't stop laughing it was so funny. His head isn't really like this, he moved when I was panning and stretched his head!! And as promised, the pie was amazing. So apparently I'm an Evertonian now, althought I think I'll still say Liverpool, just to annoy Matt, although I don't think I can...I HAD TOO MUCH FUN!!!