Yahoo Wirless Festival

As I mentioned before, the whole reason for our little London adventure was because I won tickets to the Yahoo Wireless Festival through work. I really wanted to win the tickets because I thought the festival was a folky/indie festival. Well turns out it wasn't. It was a urban/hip hop festival. Tim was overjoyed, because that's his jam, me not so much. I looked at the lineup and I think I knew 2 names on it? But I kept my mind open, I knew I wouldn't love it but I knew Tim would and that would make me enjoy it more than I would of. And it was free so who's gonna argue with that!? 

It was actually really good! I had such a great time. It was way too hot for me and I nearly passed out but I had fun! We both had fun! Mostly we sat around in the shade waiting for people we wanted to see to come on stage. We drank loads of water and had ice cream and hotdogs. There were so many people there which I thought was great because my favourite past time is people watching haha! It was held in the Olympic Park which was pretty cool. It wasn't in the actual stadium but we had to walk round it and it was huge! It was also a heat trap...my goodness it was hot. I was wearing as little clothes as I could and all I wanted to do was take it all off haha. Just like the rest of the London trip, most of the photos were taken on film so not too many really to show. 

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