Printic Goodness

The other day I came across Printic app and thought I'd give it a try. It's a pretty easy concept, upload your pics, edit them, send them off and they print them and send them in the post. Simple as. Iv been looking for ages for a way to get my Instagram/iPhone pics printed in a Polaroid fashion, I'd seen a blogger (I forget which) post about them and they looked really cool. They came really fast and even though I could print them at home like this on photo paper, iv never found a printer that I'm happy with so I don't mind paying to get high quality prints. There super cute and lovely to have. I just got three to start with just to try them out but I've already ordered 19 more! I love the option to have writing on white bit, but I opted for blank so I can write on myself if I want to. I really want to make a photo wall of Polaroid/Instax film photos so hopefully these will work for that. I love how easy and simple the whole thing was and I can't wait to get the next lots of prints in the post!!
(This post is all my own words, I have not been contacted or paid to write anything about Printic, this post is all my own experiences and is written solely because I thought my readers would like to know and maybe try it out)

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