Paint By Numbers: One pt1

This may seem really silly, but I've always wanted to do a paint by numbers. I think they're cool and I think it's really crazy how all those blocks of colour can make a complete picture. So the other day I did something crazy and bought one. I may have been more drawn than usual because its of a fox (what can I say, I love foxes) but I'm really excited to get it started! I love the little paint pallet that you get and I love trying to read the tiny numbers, even if they make my eyes go squiffy. I can see this turning into a hobby/obsession and my mind is already racing a head to buying a really good expensive paintbrush just for paint by number painting. In situations like this I tend to get too over excited and I buy more before iv even finished the first, find out I don't actually enjoy it or just get bored and then I'm stuck with lots of things I don't want. So I'm trying to control myself and wait till I've finished this one before getting a new one. I can already see my future house with all my paint by numbers on proud display in the hall.
Do you do Paint-By-Numbers? Do you have a special brush? What is your favourite brand of Paint-By-Numbers? 


  1. I did one of these a looooong time ago, I'd definitely do one again, they're pretty fun :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  2. Ummm I think I'll need to pick some up for us to do while you're here, I adore paint by numbers!


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