Outfit Post: Qwerty Style vol.1

So recently I came across this really cool t-shirt website called Qwerty. It's awesome! I'm totally addicted and cant stop buying them all. The website is genius really, people can upload their own designs and then they are voted on and the ones with the most votes get printed. Now here's the catch...they are only available for 2 days! The first 24 hours they are £8 and then the next 24 hours they are £10! I mean how annoying is that?! I've bought so many because I think 'it's a once in a life time chance, I need to get it!' and the thing I love the most, its pretty much all geek-tastic and the t-shirts are really well made and the print job is top-notch. So I thought Id start a kind of mini-outfit series with my Qwerty Tees. This blog has been serious lacking in geeky, Sci Fi stuff so I thought this is a good way of doing more outfit posts and getting the geek back in.

This is my Game Of Thrones tee. It was the first one I bought and I just love the design. I got it when I was watching both series back to back so I had major GoT fever. I really like the idea that its not obviously GoT, so only proper fans will know what it is. The only problem I have with Qwerty is that all of the tee's seem to be black, grey or navy, which is great, but I want some colour! Saying that I love this shade of grey.

(This post is not sponsored by Qwerty and I am receiving no funds to do these posts. The words are totally my own opinion and I'm doing these posts just because I love the product and I think my readers would love them too.)

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