Our Last Week

 Last week Tim and I had a week off together, our last one until October. It was Tims birthday and also our first year anniversary (one year!? Can you believe it!?) We filled it with lots of time together, going out and also watching loads of movies. We do love our movie days, or Glee days as they've turned into. Yes that's right, I've made Tim watch Glee, but now he loves it so I'm happy :D Again most of the pictures were on film, so I promise once their developed ill scan them in and show you all. 
I finally got to wear my fox ring! I got it for Christmas this year but its too big, but lately it's been so hat that my swollen fingers fit it better. At least the sun is good for one thing!
I had a go at making my own photo strips. My printer is so awful but they looked pretty cool anyway. I made one of mum and me and also one for Tim as a birthday present. 
There was a comic book fair in our town and we got to meet R2D2! We also met a Darlek but he scared me a bit :( Tim bought be a Boba Fett tin pencil case and I bought him a Captain America comic. I love that we can geek out together!
Tim surprised me with some classic Docto Who novelisations. I'm only recently getting proper into Doctor Who, I've always liked it though so these books will be great to read. I'd like to get the whole collection, think it would look great on my shelf!
Tim loved the bag I got him for his birthday. He was desperately in need of a new one (have you thrown the old one away yet Tim?!) Now he can comfortably carry around all his books and comics :) 
We went on a little trip to Burscough and went to The Ship Inn which is this really lovely little pub right on the canal. There was a double act playing local folk songs playing in the middle of the day, so after lunch we sat in the canal edge and listened to the while the barges floated past.
We watched two barges get from one level of canal to the next. It took forever and needed 6 people, but the passers by helped out and even though it took ages it looked like so much fun. I would love to have a go at living on a barge. Maybe for a week or so, just to see what it's like. And I could think of nothing better than floating down the countryside, it would be so peaceful.
Tim had a snooze on the canal bank, which as it turns out is rather dangerous! He nearly got run over a few times by passing bikes and got his face attacked by a very happy puppy. 
This happy pup was on one of the passing barges. He looked like he was right at home just watching the world go by. 

Unfortunately that's the last week off until October. But in that week ill be so busy planning for my trip that ill be fully booked up making last minute preparations, seeing friends and family and trying not to talk myself out of going! So these next few months will be filled with vigorous saving, working, planning, working and more saving. But I had such a great week off that hopefully that will keep me going until then. 

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