It's the little things

Not long now! Only a few more weeks and Baby Woo will be with us. The house is starting to fill up with baby clothes and little miniature things. The pram is here and so is the cot, all the chest of draws have been bought and all the cool gadgets that you need to keep a baby happy. The carpet went down today and the paintings done, so now all the furniture can get assembled and his little room will finally be ready for him. I love to look in his wardrobe and see all the cute little clothes and wonder how on earth someone can be so tiny!? I mean seriously, how is that even possible? Last week all of his clothes got washed and I loved the tiny piles of tiny clothes dotted around. I just sat on the floor and looked at them all, folding them into little mounds of bibs, coats, baby grows, ect. He has more clothes than me (and that's saying something), I don't know how you can choose what to dress him in? I for one will put him in the dinosaur baby grow I got him, pretty much every time I look after him.

I keep thinking about going away to America and how amazingly awesome it's going to be, but also how much I'm not going to want to leave this little creature! He will be around 1-1 1/2 months old when I go and I just know its going to be one of the hardest things to do. I keep trying to tell myself that I won't miss much, that babies don't do anything in the first 5 months but even the little things I don't want to miss...oh well, I'll just have to have extra cuddles before and after I get back. Then on top of that I just keep thinking if this is what it feels like to become a sister I can't even imagine how AMAZING it will feel to have one of my own...my mind can't comprehend it at all.

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