Sarah's baby shower

The other week we threw a baby shower for Sarah at her best friends house. I helped to organise it and I had so much fun thinking of cool things to do and games to play. It was great to be able to celebrate the coming of baby Woo with friends and family, and Sarah had such a lovely time. We got all the house decorated really quickly in the morning, it was a bit of a rush and a faff but its not a real party unless your running a little late, no? We had so much cake it was unreal. But it all tasted delicious, so it all went pretty fast. I couldn't stop eating the doughnuts, they were so yummy!!
Obviously we had to have a Star Wars themed poster...well because he's a geek. Even before he's breathed his first breath, he is already destined to be the biggest nerd ever. I still can't wait to play Lightsabers with him and all that cool stuff!! The first time we watch Star Wars together will be pretty magical! 
All Sarah's family turned up and we had a BBQ outside. The weather was glorious, we couldn't of asked for any better, which was lucky because it rained the day before, so we were wondering if we'd have to cancel or not, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky! I set up a DIY baby grow station. I'd seen the, on Pinterest and though they were such a cool idea, and it went down a treat. We hung them all on a washing line to dry (which made for good decoration as well) it was quite funny to see what everyone had made. Mine were obviously Sci-Fi related...every baby needs a Stargate baby grow!! 
When wed all eaten Sarah opened all her presents, it was so lovely to see the generosity of all her friends and family. She got so much nice stuff, and got everything that she needed for when he arrives. When we got home we put it all away in his bedroom (post to come) and realised that if we wanted to, we wouldn't have to wash anything for at least 2 months, that's how much stuff we have haha!! Afterwards we got pictures with everyone and I plan to make a photo book for her to remember such a special day! 


Printic Goodness

The other day I came across Printic app and thought I'd give it a try. It's a pretty easy concept, upload your pics, edit them, send them off and they print them and send them in the post. Simple as. Iv been looking for ages for a way to get my Instagram/iPhone pics printed in a Polaroid fashion, I'd seen a blogger (I forget which) post about them and they looked really cool. They came really fast and even though I could print them at home like this on photo paper, iv never found a printer that I'm happy with so I don't mind paying to get high quality prints. There super cute and lovely to have. I just got three to start with just to try them out but I've already ordered 19 more! I love the option to have writing on white bit, but I opted for blank so I can write on myself if I want to. I really want to make a photo wall of Polaroid/Instax film photos so hopefully these will work for that. I love how easy and simple the whole thing was and I can't wait to get the next lots of prints in the post!!
(This post is all my own words, I have not been contacted or paid to write anything about Printic, this post is all my own experiences and is written solely because I thought my readers would like to know and maybe try it out)


It's the little things

Not long now! Only a few more weeks and Baby Woo will be with us. The house is starting to fill up with baby clothes and little miniature things. The pram is here and so is the cot, all the chest of draws have been bought and all the cool gadgets that you need to keep a baby happy. The carpet went down today and the paintings done, so now all the furniture can get assembled and his little room will finally be ready for him. I love to look in his wardrobe and see all the cute little clothes and wonder how on earth someone can be so tiny!? I mean seriously, how is that even possible? Last week all of his clothes got washed and I loved the tiny piles of tiny clothes dotted around. I just sat on the floor and looked at them all, folding them into little mounds of bibs, coats, baby grows, ect. He has more clothes than me (and that's saying something), I don't know how you can choose what to dress him in? I for one will put him in the dinosaur baby grow I got him, pretty much every time I look after him.

I keep thinking about going away to America and how amazingly awesome it's going to be, but also how much I'm not going to want to leave this little creature! He will be around 1-1 1/2 months old when I go and I just know its going to be one of the hardest things to do. I keep trying to tell myself that I won't miss much, that babies don't do anything in the first 5 months but even the little things I don't want to miss...oh well, I'll just have to have extra cuddles before and after I get back. Then on top of that I just keep thinking if this is what it feels like to become a sister I can't even imagine how AMAZING it will feel to have one of my own...my mind can't comprehend it at all.


The penny arcade

A few days ago Dad, Sarah and I went out for a little impromptu meal out, we've been so busy with work and getting baby stuff ready we thought it would be nice to just get out together and relax. Afterwards we went to the penny arcade and it was so much fun! Iv not been for years!! We had a pounds worth of 2ps each and then buckets in hand we went and gambled it all away. I didn't win anything which I was gutted about but Sarah was winning nearly every time! It must of been baby luck. We had such a fun time, and I loved all the tacky machines and the bright lights. I definitely think we should make it a monthly thing. Just take £1 each and see where we end up. I think I want to try and win a teddy next time. Iv always wanted to win a teddy out of a machine, it reminds me of American carnivals and iv dreamed of going to one of the my whole life! They just look like so much fun! I really wish I'd taken more photos and had my proper DSLR with me. NEXT TIME! 


Paint By Numbers: One pt1

This may seem really silly, but I've always wanted to do a paint by numbers. I think they're cool and I think it's really crazy how all those blocks of colour can make a complete picture. So the other day I did something crazy and bought one. I may have been more drawn than usual because its of a fox (what can I say, I love foxes) but I'm really excited to get it started! I love the little paint pallet that you get and I love trying to read the tiny numbers, even if they make my eyes go squiffy. I can see this turning into a hobby/obsession and my mind is already racing a head to buying a really good expensive paintbrush just for paint by number painting. In situations like this I tend to get too over excited and I buy more before iv even finished the first, find out I don't actually enjoy it or just get bored and then I'm stuck with lots of things I don't want. So I'm trying to control myself and wait till I've finished this one before getting a new one. I can already see my future house with all my paint by numbers on proud display in the hall.
Do you do Paint-By-Numbers? Do you have a special brush? What is your favourite brand of Paint-By-Numbers? 


Paper Critters

Today I am getting more added to my wilderness sleeve, Mr Fox is getting some much needed colour and then maybe Mr Crow will make an appearance. I'm so excited to get more done to this tattoo and I can't wait to see the finished piece in a year or so! I love that I can dedicate such a huge area of my life and my body to something that I love. So thats why i thought id share this wild critter themed post today...it sort of loosely ties in, yeh?

 The other day I was shopping for presents for the baby's room because it's Sarah's baby shower next Sunday and I went to this really cute baby shop in our town called Mini Moo's. I love it in there because it sells all the normal brands of baby things but then it also sells more 'different' things as well, for example they stock this range of baby toys by a French company (I can't remember the name so ill update this post when I find out) which are so adorable it's unbelievable. The company make toys, wall decals, mobiles, plush toys, size charts, just anything like that. In Mini Moo's there was a big basket of paper crafts for kids, all different sets, and I just wanted them all! I bought a few 'boy' ones, like robots and pirates and things like that for the baby room, but there was also this adorable set of 3D forest critters and I just had to have them for myself! Well wouldn't you?! I just love the feel of them, the style and the colours are so cute and they were really easy to make. There currently sat on my book shelves but I can't wait till I get a really great idea on what to use them for! I think the owl is my favourite, his shy eyes and chubby cheeks are just too much...I'm only gutted there wasn't a fox among them!


Outfit Post: Qwerty Style vol.1

So recently I came across this really cool t-shirt website called Qwerty. It's awesome! I'm totally addicted and cant stop buying them all. The website is genius really, people can upload their own designs and then they are voted on and the ones with the most votes get printed. Now here's the catch...they are only available for 2 days! The first 24 hours they are £8 and then the next 24 hours they are £10! I mean how annoying is that?! I've bought so many because I think 'it's a once in a life time chance, I need to get it!' and the thing I love the most, its pretty much all geek-tastic and the t-shirts are really well made and the print job is top-notch. So I thought Id start a kind of mini-outfit series with my Qwerty Tees. This blog has been serious lacking in geeky, Sci Fi stuff so I thought this is a good way of doing more outfit posts and getting the geek back in.

This is my Game Of Thrones tee. It was the first one I bought and I just love the design. I got it when I was watching both series back to back so I had major GoT fever. I really like the idea that its not obviously GoT, so only proper fans will know what it is. The only problem I have with Qwerty is that all of the tee's seem to be black, grey or navy, which is great, but I want some colour! Saying that I love this shade of grey.

(This post is not sponsored by Qwerty and I am receiving no funds to do these posts. The words are totally my own opinion and I'm doing these posts just because I love the product and I think my readers would love them too.)


Nearly here little brother

7 weeks. In 7 weeks there will be a new man in my life. In 7 weeks I will finally have what I've always wanted. In 7 weeks I will be a big sister. In 7 weeks I will have a little brother. In 7 weeks there will be another little person to add to our little family. In 7 weeks. Wow. 7 weeks. I can't even comprehend that there will be a real live person just...here. It's just mind boggling. And I'm not even having him! I can't imagine what it must feel like to a mother-to-be. But if its anything like the feelings a sister-to-be has, I can't wait! These last few months have flown by, but I am so ready for him to get here. I'm getting impatient now. I want to see him. I want to hold him and kiss him and stare at him for hours on end, I want to see his personality: see how load he can scream, what makes him laugh and do it all the time, what makes him cry and save him from it. I want to see who's nose he has and what colour his eyes are. Wether he has brown or black hair. I want to see his tinny little fingers and toes and his chubby little legs.

I always thought that posts like this were reserved for 'mummy bloggers' and I was looking forward to being a mummy blogger, but now I realise that there are 'sister bloggers' too (or maybe I just made that up so I can gush over the little fella), bloggers who can gush over there new born brothers and sister, and show everyone how much we adore them. Because I do adore him, I've seen him grow from a little dot to a full person with eyes and ears and nose and mouth and hands and feet (we had a 3D scan last week....so freaking weird! But totally awesome!) which is just AMAZING! 

So with him so close to gracing us with his presence, we got some much needed decoration done. It was a miserable day outside, which was a great excuse to put on the scruffs and grab a paint brush. Dad and Sarah decided to do his room Duck Egg Blue (my favourite kind) and it looks so cute! It's a long way from finished but its coming along nicely and will look awesome when its finished. I'm doing a few D.I.Y's for various things and I've got some really awesome things to go in the room for Sarah's Baby Shower. I keep buying things and I can't stop. There are such cute baby things everywhere, I don't understand why something normal, just small, makes it so much better and cuter?! 

So yeh, just 7 weeks left of life as I know it. I suppose I best make the most of it!


Our Last Week

 Last week Tim and I had a week off together, our last one until October. It was Tims birthday and also our first year anniversary (one year!? Can you believe it!?) We filled it with lots of time together, going out and also watching loads of movies. We do love our movie days, or Glee days as they've turned into. Yes that's right, I've made Tim watch Glee, but now he loves it so I'm happy :D Again most of the pictures were on film, so I promise once their developed ill scan them in and show you all. 
I finally got to wear my fox ring! I got it for Christmas this year but its too big, but lately it's been so hat that my swollen fingers fit it better. At least the sun is good for one thing!
I had a go at making my own photo strips. My printer is so awful but they looked pretty cool anyway. I made one of mum and me and also one for Tim as a birthday present. 
There was a comic book fair in our town and we got to meet R2D2! We also met a Darlek but he scared me a bit :( Tim bought be a Boba Fett tin pencil case and I bought him a Captain America comic. I love that we can geek out together!
Tim surprised me with some classic Docto Who novelisations. I'm only recently getting proper into Doctor Who, I've always liked it though so these books will be great to read. I'd like to get the whole collection, think it would look great on my shelf!
Tim loved the bag I got him for his birthday. He was desperately in need of a new one (have you thrown the old one away yet Tim?!) Now he can comfortably carry around all his books and comics :) 
We went on a little trip to Burscough and went to The Ship Inn which is this really lovely little pub right on the canal. There was a double act playing local folk songs playing in the middle of the day, so after lunch we sat in the canal edge and listened to the while the barges floated past.
We watched two barges get from one level of canal to the next. It took forever and needed 6 people, but the passers by helped out and even though it took ages it looked like so much fun. I would love to have a go at living on a barge. Maybe for a week or so, just to see what it's like. And I could think of nothing better than floating down the countryside, it would be so peaceful.
Tim had a snooze on the canal bank, which as it turns out is rather dangerous! He nearly got run over a few times by passing bikes and got his face attacked by a very happy puppy. 
This happy pup was on one of the passing barges. He looked like he was right at home just watching the world go by. 

Unfortunately that's the last week off until October. But in that week ill be so busy planning for my trip that ill be fully booked up making last minute preparations, seeing friends and family and trying not to talk myself out of going! So these next few months will be filled with vigorous saving, working, planning, working and more saving. But I had such a great week off that hopefully that will keep me going until then.