The best dad in the whole world. Ever.

Sorry this is late, the BlogGo App was seriously trying my patients...which is funny when you see what I write here! 

I am very much my fathers daughter. We are so alike in so many ways is scares me a little. We are both shy and naturally quiet around new people. We sit and watch the world go by and our content with our little space we inhabit. We have few friends, but those we have we keep for a life time. We are content in our own company and regularly need 'me time'. We take things slow and don't like to be rushed or told what to do. We have the same interests and hobbies, art is part of who we are and we thrive on being creative. We don't say much and when we do its awkward but hilariously funny to those who understand us. We worry about small things, get easily frustrated and have a quick temper. We are calm and understanding but if anyone hurt someone we love we would hunt them down. We are the same, and I wouldn't have it anyone other way. 

He has been through so much. I have seen him at his weakest and at his strongest. I have seen him laugh and cry. He has run with me when I needed to run and he has held me together when I fell apart. He has stuck with me and when i ran away he was waiting patiently for me to return with open arms. He has always believed in me, and made me believe in myself. He has taught me that I can do anything I want to do and be anything I want to be. He is my inspiration for everything I do, and he is in every decision I make. My dad is my hero and if I turn out to be as good a parent as he is, my kids will be so lucky. 

Love you dad x

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