That place: House-Liverpool

On Tuesday my nana and I went to Liverpool for the day and we went for lunch at House. It's a little cafe that I've walked past a hundred times and never gone in. We had plenty of time to just chill out, so we thought we'd give it a try. I'd wanted to go in for ages, but just have never got round it. It's not really my nana's thing, she likes a normal pot of tea and a teacake, but she loved it! We both loved the decor of the place. Everything was mix-matched, all the chairs and tables were different, non of the lampshades matched and the woman was telling us that everything was bought from vintage fairs and flea markets. As you can imagine I loved it! The exposed brick and the neutral walls were just my cup of tea and the big wooden bookcase filled with tins of tea was the icing on the cake, I could of seriously moved in right there and then. 
I think this mirror and the old theater chairs were my favourite thing about the place. I've always wanted some theater chairs in my house and they just went so perfectly with the oversized mirror, I'll definitely be keeping this picture in my 'must-do-in-the-house' file. The food was amazing too, it's all freshly made and so rustic and yummy...I even ate the salad!! The chips even came in a tiny little metal bucket, it was beyond cute. And this is a testament to the place, my nana complains at everything, and I mean everything. All she could say was good things, she didn't complain once! She had slight misgivings about the loose tea but once she'd tried it the pot emptied pretty quickly. This place is awesome, and what makes it even better is the live bands it hosts and the fact that you can hire it out for parties!! I'm thinking 24th or *cough* wedding reception *cough*. I really love this place, and I can't wait to take Tim for a lunch date. I think I've found my cafe soul mate (can you even have one if them?!) 

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