A few spare hours

Me and Tim have such a great relationship, I'm kind of proud of it. We both work really hard and odd hours. My shifts are either 7-2ish or 11.30-7 and his can go from 10-5 till 5-1am and everything Inbetween, and it pretty much always falls so as either of us finishes the other one starts. We live off stolen moments between work and sleep, and it sucks major ass. But that is our situation at the moment and no matter how frustrating it is, and it is very frustrating, we have to just suck it up and get on with it. We both know that this is it, we are together forever now so we have the rest of our lives together, which makes this all seem very trivial in the grand scheme of things, and that makes it better, a bit anyways.

The other day was one of those rare moments when we have some free time with no plans, no family or friends to see. I finished work at 2 and he didn't start till 5. It was only 3 hours, but they were so special, it didn't matter. I always feel a kind of pressure to think of something spectacular to do in these stolen moments, and anyone who knows me, I get moody when I have to make on the spot decisions, not a good trait, I know. But this time we decided to just do nothing. We walked to the park, picked a spot and lay down and just talked about nothing and everything. It was so lovely. The sun was shining and everything was just perfect. Time well spent I'd say. I think we will plan to do nothing more often. It's a great way to spend time together, with 'things' getting in the way, and it free. We're both saving for so much at the moment, so free things are on the top of our list at the moment. Maybe we'll take the football or a Frisbee next time, I just hope the weather stays good for a few more weeks....

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