23 before 24

So this is my new list. I know it's a bit late, I've been 23 for 3 weeks now, and I said I wouldn't do one this year because the last one was just pitiful, but here we are. I blame sleepless nights, and drinking too much coffee. Last years one was full of serious, un-fun, demanding stuff which made me feel loads of pressure to complete, which I hate, so I tried to be a little light hearted this year. I've mostly done fun stuff with a few biggies thrown in there. I'm actually really looking forward to trying to complete these goals, and think ill be proud of my self if I do at least half of them...all though being able to tick off number 23 would be awesome! I'm going to try keep you posted thought being 23 on my progress, so maybe with that in mind ill be more likely to do some of them. 23 has turned out to be pretty good so far, and I'm really looking forward to the things I have planned.

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