A Beautiful Mess (app)

Hands up if you have the new ABeautifulMess app? everyone? Yep. Thought so, and if you don't...where have you been?! The lovely ladies over at A Beautiful Mess have done an amazing job with this little jem. I can only speak for myself, but I thought the market was really lacking in a good editing app and these girls filled it beautifully. I found my photo ediditing app for filters and I'm sticking with it (afterlight), but I wanted words and doodles and frames and colour, in the style that I love not some stupid clip-art pictures and bubble writing words, so I was so excited to see what this app would do. 


I love the frames, I love the doodles, I love the fact that you can choose between pre made phrases and your own words, I love the fonts and I love all the colours and the fact you can manipulate it how ever you want. I love that you can layer as much as you want and I can't wait to buy some of the add-on's. I don't need them as of yet, but I keep looking at them so I think I'll be getting them real soon. This app is brilliant, as soon as I got it and had a play, I was texting everyone telling them they HAD to have it. The only thing I'm gonna complain about is the filters, but I have a filter app, so it's not even a bother for me.
So it's a mahoosive thumbs up from me, and a big shout of 'GO GET IT IF YOU ALREADY HAVEN'T!!! Here are some of the ones I have done, it's mostly exclaiming how sunny it's been recently (all though not anymore as there is a storm brewing just outside my window)

I'm going to leave you with my favourite so far....


The best dad in the whole world. Ever.

Sorry this is late, the BlogGo App was seriously trying my patients...which is funny when you see what I write here! 

I am very much my fathers daughter. We are so alike in so many ways is scares me a little. We are both shy and naturally quiet around new people. We sit and watch the world go by and our content with our little space we inhabit. We have few friends, but those we have we keep for a life time. We are content in our own company and regularly need 'me time'. We take things slow and don't like to be rushed or told what to do. We have the same interests and hobbies, art is part of who we are and we thrive on being creative. We don't say much and when we do its awkward but hilariously funny to those who understand us. We worry about small things, get easily frustrated and have a quick temper. We are calm and understanding but if anyone hurt someone we love we would hunt them down. We are the same, and I wouldn't have it anyone other way. 

He has been through so much. I have seen him at his weakest and at his strongest. I have seen him laugh and cry. He has run with me when I needed to run and he has held me together when I fell apart. He has stuck with me and when i ran away he was waiting patiently for me to return with open arms. He has always believed in me, and made me believe in myself. He has taught me that I can do anything I want to do and be anything I want to be. He is my inspiration for everything I do, and he is in every decision I make. My dad is my hero and if I turn out to be as good a parent as he is, my kids will be so lucky. 

Love you dad x


23 before 24

So this is my new list. I know it's a bit late, I've been 23 for 3 weeks now, and I said I wouldn't do one this year because the last one was just pitiful, but here we are. I blame sleepless nights, and drinking too much coffee. Last years one was full of serious, un-fun, demanding stuff which made me feel loads of pressure to complete, which I hate, so I tried to be a little light hearted this year. I've mostly done fun stuff with a few biggies thrown in there. I'm actually really looking forward to trying to complete these goals, and think ill be proud of my self if I do at least half of them...all though being able to tick off number 23 would be awesome! I'm going to try keep you posted thought being 23 on my progress, so maybe with that in mind ill be more likely to do some of them. 23 has turned out to be pretty good so far, and I'm really looking forward to the things I have planned.


That place: House-Liverpool

On Tuesday my nana and I went to Liverpool for the day and we went for lunch at House. It's a little cafe that I've walked past a hundred times and never gone in. We had plenty of time to just chill out, so we thought we'd give it a try. I'd wanted to go in for ages, but just have never got round it. It's not really my nana's thing, she likes a normal pot of tea and a teacake, but she loved it! We both loved the decor of the place. Everything was mix-matched, all the chairs and tables were different, non of the lampshades matched and the woman was telling us that everything was bought from vintage fairs and flea markets. As you can imagine I loved it! The exposed brick and the neutral walls were just my cup of tea and the big wooden bookcase filled with tins of tea was the icing on the cake, I could of seriously moved in right there and then. 
I think this mirror and the old theater chairs were my favourite thing about the place. I've always wanted some theater chairs in my house and they just went so perfectly with the oversized mirror, I'll definitely be keeping this picture in my 'must-do-in-the-house' file. The food was amazing too, it's all freshly made and so rustic and yummy...I even ate the salad!! The chips even came in a tiny little metal bucket, it was beyond cute. And this is a testament to the place, my nana complains at everything, and I mean everything. All she could say was good things, she didn't complain once! She had slight misgivings about the loose tea but once she'd tried it the pot emptied pretty quickly. This place is awesome, and what makes it even better is the live bands it hosts and the fact that you can hire it out for parties!! I'm thinking 24th or *cough* wedding reception *cough*. I really love this place, and I can't wait to take Tim for a lunch date. I think I've found my cafe soul mate (can you even have one if them?!) 


My birthday: Monday

This is the last birthday post, I promise! The Monday was my actual birthday, and in the morning I opened presents at mums with Tim, he got me some super neat stuff (I'm sure ill end up showing it on here at some point) the after mums I went for breakfast with dad and Sarah to Frankie & Bennies, me and dad love there sausage and egg muffins, and unlimited tea as well. After food, we had a chill out day at home, we ate cake and I opened some more presents and we just sat and watched movies. It was raining pretty hard, which was a bummer, because we had planned on going for FroYo and then a walk on the beach, but in the end TV and trying not to upset the food baby was a pretty good way to spend the day. I even snuck in a little birthday cuddle with the piggies.
In the evening me, Tim, dad, Sarah and nana went for a meal in a local restaurant. But before that me and Tim had a little selfies photo shoot...it's gotta happen on a birthday, Yes?!
This picture (below) is amazing, I know I'm biased because he's my boyfriend, but he is so handsome! Look at those eyes....and that smile!! I'm so lucky. I can't stop looking at it haha!! 
The meal was so lovely, and the restaurant was amazing, I kept leaning over to Tim and saying 'remember that for when we have a house' it was seriously cool. I'm gutted I didn't take any photos, if it went up for sale, I would so buy it and turn it into a flat. The food was lovely, and I loved that everyone got dressed up and we all looked so smart, I even forced dad into a pair of smart pants! For desert I had sticky toffee pudding with a rocket in it. It was actually a sparkler but it was so massive I thought it was going to take off, or at the very least burn my eyebrows off!
In the end I hade a lovely birthday and spent it with all my favourite people. I love birthdays and I'm looking forward to what this year has to offer :) ill share with you soon my new '23 before 24' list, I failed miserable at last years one so don't expect a follow up in that :P 


A few spare hours

Me and Tim have such a great relationship, I'm kind of proud of it. We both work really hard and odd hours. My shifts are either 7-2ish or 11.30-7 and his can go from 10-5 till 5-1am and everything Inbetween, and it pretty much always falls so as either of us finishes the other one starts. We live off stolen moments between work and sleep, and it sucks major ass. But that is our situation at the moment and no matter how frustrating it is, and it is very frustrating, we have to just suck it up and get on with it. We both know that this is it, we are together forever now so we have the rest of our lives together, which makes this all seem very trivial in the grand scheme of things, and that makes it better, a bit anyways.

The other day was one of those rare moments when we have some free time with no plans, no family or friends to see. I finished work at 2 and he didn't start till 5. It was only 3 hours, but they were so special, it didn't matter. I always feel a kind of pressure to think of something spectacular to do in these stolen moments, and anyone who knows me, I get moody when I have to make on the spot decisions, not a good trait, I know. But this time we decided to just do nothing. We walked to the park, picked a spot and lay down and just talked about nothing and everything. It was so lovely. The sun was shining and everything was just perfect. Time well spent I'd say. I think we will plan to do nothing more often. It's a great way to spend time together, with 'things' getting in the way, and it free. We're both saving for so much at the moment, so free things are on the top of our list at the moment. Maybe we'll take the football or a Frisbee next time, I just hope the weather stays good for a few more weeks....


My birthday: Sunday

My birthday usually last for a week. Having two sets of parents, grandparents and all the family and friends I have...it more like a month. This year I saw my mum and Matt on the Sunday before my birthday (Monday) and it was glorious sunshine! I'm not a sun person. I mean I love the sun but i get really ill if I get too hot, so spend most of the time in the shade or indoors, not fun, but this time I spent the whole day outside. We had a BBQ with my favourite food (lamb burgers!! Mmmm!) and just lounged around listening to music all afternoon, I had such a good time just relaxing and doing nothing, although I did get a bit burned :/ I took care of the tattoos but forgot to protect the rest of my skin haha!
As part of my present (the other half is the I pad mini I'm posting from!!) mum and Matt got me a Choccywoccydodah cake!! If you haven't heard of it or seen the tv show, google it now! It was amazing. Super duper thick chocolate and the nicest chocolate cake I've ever had. It was a bit of an effort to break into but we got there in the end. We demolished it, and felt very sick after, but it was worth it. It came all the way from Brighton! I was very impressed. 

After cake we burned it off by playing football. I hate football, but I like having a kick about every now and again, and its funny to watch Matt and Peter take everything so seriously trying to out play each other. It was such a great day, and made my birthday week extra special. I was even allowed to watch Glee, with no complaint from anyone...I felt very special.


Rainbow Rescue Craft Fair

Last weekend I took part in my very first craft fair!! I am so immensely proud of myself for achieving this. I know it probably seems stupid and small to some people but this was a pretty big thing for me. I'm the kinda girl who throws her self whole heartedly into something and when it come down to the crunch, gets so scared of everything going wrong, I panic and abort the mission. But this time I was determined not to, even though I was so close to throwing in the towel! It was only a tiny fair in aid of my friends home run animal rescue centre. I hope we raised loads of money for her and all the little critters because my goodness she deserves it! It was a pleasure to be part of the day and helping her out as best I could.

Here are a few pics of mine and my friends stall. We shared one so it would look fuller haha!! My stuff is everything right of the moustache men (how awesome are they?!) I was so stressing about what to make I was driving myself insane, but I think I made all the right decisions in the end. I got a good look at what sells and what doesn't so now I can really focus on certain things now.
This little gig has really motivated me to get my shop up and running. I'm going to buy a domain name for the shop this week and really start planning things through and talking to my parents about the next steps to take (still need to talk things through with the rents, not that grown up yet!) I'm so excited about what's next for my crafting and things, it's an exciting time!! Just got to build up a bit of inventory then I'm all set...now I just need to find another craft fair, I've definitely got the bug!!
My fellow British men and ladies...do you know of any craft fairs around your local area? I'm looking to go on a craft road trip and would love some ideas! Maybe a monthly village fair, or a secret haunt? No matter how small or how popular, I'd love to know!