It's a wee baby

At the beginning of my week off, dad, Sarah and I went to the park to take some way-were-having-baby-and-where-so-happy-and-oh-yeah-it's-a-boy! photos. It was a lovely day, and the sun was shining, definitely ice cream weather. I'm so excited for this little fella to get here, my mind keeps wondering off daydreaming about all the cool things we will do together. I'm that sort of excited that I can't do anything, I just sit there and smile, there are no words or actions that can express how excited I am. I must look like I'm not bothered haha!! Sarah's getting pretty big now, and I can't believe it's almost June, pretty soon it will be September and he'll be here, and I can hold him and kiss him and cuddle him. I CAN'T WAIT!! 
I love this picture! My first trip to the park with my little brother haha! 

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