Fusion Studios

The other week, Me and my mummy went to Fusion Studios in Manchester to have our selves a little photo shoot. We do one every few years as something fun to do, and to have some professional nice pictures of us. Where not the posed-photo type of people but we always have a laugh and its lovely memories to have (and we never take it seriously, even if the photographer thinks we are!) I actually really liked the photos of us even if its not our usual style. I'm not going to show them all but I will share my four favorites. Please feel free to laugh at the awkwardness and obvious 'posing', I know I did.
I love how geeky the last two are. I had to have my batman converse and Star Wars top in there some where! I think my all time fave outfits of us was my Aztec red dress and mums romper and knitted cardigan, there were some lovely photos of us in those outfits. So I had a really lovely time and it was a really fun day once we got into it. Cant wait for the next one!

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