So I've been away with the fairies lately. I cant seem to keep my mind on one thing at all, its just all over the place. Probably because my life feels like its all over the place at the moment. Not in a bad way, not at all, I'm just sort of at a cross roads/in between place at the moment where I'm sort of moving on to something else but still half in my old life. Its a very odd feeling and not good for concentrating or getting things done. I feel like I've had so much to blog about, yet nothing at all, so here's a Currently post. I've added a few new ones to the list as well, maybe that way I can get everything down and get my head on straight haha!

Loving: My bed. It's new. It's massive. It's comfy. It's amazing.

Hating: Being in work when the sun is shinning gloriously outside. I have the weekend off and I just know its going to rain. But my fingers are crossed that I get at least one day with a bit a sun on my face.

Thinking about: EVERYTHING! My brain just wont shut up! It's actually annoying me how much stuff is whirring around my skull, I feel like I've got so much to do, yet when I actaully have time to do things my mind goes blank. It's so frustrating!

Avoiding: Quitting the gym. I really really want to. I just hate confrontation, or being made to think that I'm in the wrong. Hate it. I really have to do it though because I cant afford to waste that money. I think I need to give my self a pep talk before I go in.

Anticipating: My tattoo! I'm starting my sleeve on Sunday at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention (If your going on Sunday stop by the Inkarma booth and say hi, or laugh at me in pain, either is fine) I can't wait to finally get it started and I'm excited to see what it will turn out like. I've seen the design and its just....WOW!

Dreading: Being in work with a fresh/healing tattoo. I have to wear long sleeves because of said tattoo's and I'm not looking forward to having the itchy-gooey-grossness in the heat of the coffee shop. Unpleasant.

Listening to: Mumford & Sons. Can't get enough. Love them!

Reading: Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I'm so over it. I loved the first book, Divergent, but this is just dragging and too many people are dying and its just not doing it for me any more. I need to finish it soon, or I'll throw it out the window.

Watching: GAME OF THRONES!! Oh my lord, amazing! I'm obsessed. Obsessed! I watch series 1 and 2 in a matter of days and now I'm trying to give myself a break before series 3. It's just fantastic. You have to watch it!!

Eating: Everything. I seem to have developed a bottomless appetite recently. I'm just devouring everything I can get my hands on. I ate a whole banana loaf cake today with out even realizing, and that was after a pizza, a cookie and two oranges. Oh and a packet of crisps!  

Drinking: Iced Caramel Macchiato. 1 shot Guatemala coffee. (my mouth is drooling just thinking about it)

Wishing: That there was more time in the day. I need more time. Not a lot, just an hour or two would be lovely. Just to do a little crafting, see friends and family, that sort of thing.

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