It's a wee baby

At the beginning of my week off, dad, Sarah and I went to the park to take some way-were-having-baby-and-where-so-happy-and-oh-yeah-it's-a-boy! photos. It was a lovely day, and the sun was shining, definitely ice cream weather. I'm so excited for this little fella to get here, my mind keeps wondering off daydreaming about all the cool things we will do together. I'm that sort of excited that I can't do anything, I just sit there and smile, there are no words or actions that can express how excited I am. I must look like I'm not bothered haha!! Sarah's getting pretty big now, and I can't believe it's almost June, pretty soon it will be September and he'll be here, and I can hold him and kiss him and cuddle him. I CAN'T WAIT!! 
I love this picture! My first trip to the park with my little brother haha! 


Birthday walk: Malham Cove

Last week was my birthday week off, it was so good to have some down time and just relax and enjoy myself. One thing I did was go on a lovely long walk with my best friend and her doggy. It was great to get some good clean country air and feel the burn in my legs from a proper hike across hills and fields. We went to Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales. It's one of my favourite places ever, it's so beautiful and holds a lot of great memories for me. It's where my family would go for days out and we would peer over the edge of the cliff and dare each other to see who could get closest to the edge (there's a rail there now, silly health and safety!...Jokes!). We would spend ours in the river and swimming under the waterfalls. It really is a wonderful places and even now, I can feel the magic of it. I love it.
The view from the top is so beautiful, I could never get bored of looking at it. It's so peaceful and calming. I really love the English countryside. Sometimes I think people, even me, have this perception of England as being this grey boring flat landscape, and I think living near cities or in towns can cloud your mind and make things boring and dull. But all you have to do is go an hour or so out of the cities and there is this beautiful, wonderful countryside with such colour and vibrancy. I miss the country, I miss the hills and the green and the lakes and rivers and the sound of waterfalls. I have always lived in a biggish town near a city, so I don't know why, but I have a kind of homesickness for the country. I belong there. No matter what country or place on the globe, I want to be out there, out of the cities, out of the busy and in the quiet and in the green. I'm definitely a country mouse.
On the walk, there was this stream that we followed and it was such a lovely thing to hear the sound of constant running water. All along the river banks where these endless fields of wild onions. the smell was amazing and colour of them was so green and in just one massive carpet, it just covered everything, it was amazing! We like to make up stories as we walked around about the faries that live in the woods, and picking out trees that would make good homes, and trying to find the faces in the trees. I Feel so lucky to have all this pretty much on my door step. I had such a great time, and I hope that its not so long till next time. I want to use the countryside more and see more of my country. I'm a lazy bum, so I need to get off my butt and go and explore!!


Hello sun!

This week has been mine and Tims week off to celebrate my birthday!! It's been the most wonderful week doing lots of awesome things, hence the absence, and its not over yet!! I still have 3 fabulous days off which I will certainly be making the most of, I'm just dropping by to say you are not forgot and ill be back next week to share my week off with you all. I feel exciting things in the air for this year! 23 here I come!! 


Make it your own

Lately I've been feeling a little bored at work. Not because its boring or awful, not in the least. I just find the rules boring. We aren't allowed to have our tattoo's showing, wear jewelry of any kind or have our hair down and we have to wear black. Not the best thing for me, who wears feathers in my hair and bracelets up to my elbows and about 4 necklaces. I understand all these rules (apart from the tattoo one) so it's fine, but I just want to show my personality a little bit more. So this week I decided to make an effort with my hair and make-up, whether its a little or a lot, I want to have something 'me' each day.

Day 1:Day 2Day 3

So as you can see, its not so amazing haha, but it brightens my day, and people have actually commented on it so I'm glad I'm making some sort of impact haha. It's been pretty difficult to think of things to do at 6am with only 5 mins to get ready but even just a bow clip makes all the difference. No doubt i'll be trawling Pinterest for some up-do inspiration. So if anyone has any ideas, send them my way!

Oh, and this guy, just because he's awesome (he's gonna kill me for this pic but I LOVE IT!)


Hey you flirty fox

So this is my first time blogging properly from my phone, completely seperate and a million miles (well, a few feet) away from my laptop, on the new blogger app!! This may not seem that big a deal to some, but it's huge for me. Before I could only blog 'properly' on my laptop because you could never edit pictures on the blogger app, or I didn't know how to anyway. But now you can! And it will make this so much easier for when I go to America at the end of the year. Wahoo!! But that's not the real reason for this post, this post is to show off my amazing beautiful absolutely freakin awesome new tattoo! 

How beautiful is that?! I got it done at The Liverpool Tattoo Convention at the Adelphi Hotel. It was amazing. I was so nervous about getting tattooed In front of thousands of people, all staring at me and watching me tryin to keep a brave face. But it was totally fine. I loved being around all like minded people and it actually didn't hurt that bad (only round the edges near my arm pit, jeeze tht killed!) I just love the tattoo community, it's just so down to earth, my tattooist was pointing out really famous tattooers And saying like 'oh yeh that's so-and-so's tattooist' like some one dead famous and just saying hey to them, it was really surreal. I wish I could of had more time to wander round and look at everyone, maybe scope out my next person to get my calves done :D I'm definitely going next year, if not as a model, just to have a mosey round, best get saving as there was so much I wanted to buy!!
I am so In love with this piece it's unreal. I love the fox, he's cheeky little grin and his flirty eyes are going to get him into a lot of trouble I think. I can't wait to get this coloured and finished off, it's just going to be so amazing!! 

Today is my first day at work with it and I'm not looking forward to it. I'm going to cover it cling film so I don't accidentally knock the scab (eeew) off and it's super super warm in the shop so, fun times!


Fusion Studios

The other week, Me and my mummy went to Fusion Studios in Manchester to have our selves a little photo shoot. We do one every few years as something fun to do, and to have some professional nice pictures of us. Where not the posed-photo type of people but we always have a laugh and its lovely memories to have (and we never take it seriously, even if the photographer thinks we are!) I actually really liked the photos of us even if its not our usual style. I'm not going to show them all but I will share my four favorites. Please feel free to laugh at the awkwardness and obvious 'posing', I know I did.
I love how geeky the last two are. I had to have my batman converse and Star Wars top in there some where! I think my all time fave outfits of us was my Aztec red dress and mums romper and knitted cardigan, there were some lovely photos of us in those outfits. So I had a really lovely time and it was a really fun day once we got into it. Cant wait for the next one!


So I've been away with the fairies lately. I cant seem to keep my mind on one thing at all, its just all over the place. Probably because my life feels like its all over the place at the moment. Not in a bad way, not at all, I'm just sort of at a cross roads/in between place at the moment where I'm sort of moving on to something else but still half in my old life. Its a very odd feeling and not good for concentrating or getting things done. I feel like I've had so much to blog about, yet nothing at all, so here's a Currently post. I've added a few new ones to the list as well, maybe that way I can get everything down and get my head on straight haha!

Loving: My bed. It's new. It's massive. It's comfy. It's amazing.

Hating: Being in work when the sun is shinning gloriously outside. I have the weekend off and I just know its going to rain. But my fingers are crossed that I get at least one day with a bit a sun on my face.

Thinking about: EVERYTHING! My brain just wont shut up! It's actually annoying me how much stuff is whirring around my skull, I feel like I've got so much to do, yet when I actaully have time to do things my mind goes blank. It's so frustrating!

Avoiding: Quitting the gym. I really really want to. I just hate confrontation, or being made to think that I'm in the wrong. Hate it. I really have to do it though because I cant afford to waste that money. I think I need to give my self a pep talk before I go in.

Anticipating: My tattoo! I'm starting my sleeve on Sunday at the Liverpool Tattoo Convention (If your going on Sunday stop by the Inkarma booth and say hi, or laugh at me in pain, either is fine) I can't wait to finally get it started and I'm excited to see what it will turn out like. I've seen the design and its just....WOW!

Dreading: Being in work with a fresh/healing tattoo. I have to wear long sleeves because of said tattoo's and I'm not looking forward to having the itchy-gooey-grossness in the heat of the coffee shop. Unpleasant.

Listening to: Mumford & Sons. Can't get enough. Love them!

Reading: Insurgent by Veronica Roth. I'm so over it. I loved the first book, Divergent, but this is just dragging and too many people are dying and its just not doing it for me any more. I need to finish it soon, or I'll throw it out the window.

Watching: GAME OF THRONES!! Oh my lord, amazing! I'm obsessed. Obsessed! I watch series 1 and 2 in a matter of days and now I'm trying to give myself a break before series 3. It's just fantastic. You have to watch it!!

Eating: Everything. I seem to have developed a bottomless appetite recently. I'm just devouring everything I can get my hands on. I ate a whole banana loaf cake today with out even realizing, and that was after a pizza, a cookie and two oranges. Oh and a packet of crisps!  

Drinking: Iced Caramel Macchiato. 1 shot Guatemala coffee. (my mouth is drooling just thinking about it)

Wishing: That there was more time in the day. I need more time. Not a lot, just an hour or two would be lovely. Just to do a little crafting, see friends and family, that sort of thing.